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    At the beginning of the void universe, there was nothing besides silence and coldness. In the dire, the circle of creation and destruction was rotating nonstop. One day, the balance was broken. The creation was happening faster than destruction. Things started changing after that. Life and death, light and darkness, coldness and heat. For that reason, DIre fell into a long sleep. The world tree named Yggdrasil was born from chaos.

    Characters: Esther- as a member if the Valkyries, she often walks on the border between life and death, with an unwavering belief. With the firearm she wields, she can harass the enemies in close quarter and eliminate targets at a distance.
    Hela - a mysterious girls who lost her memory. It seems like she is related to the underworld. After putting on the obsidian Mask, Hlidskjalf, she buried her emotions deep inside her mind. By swinging the blade, she only tries to find what she lost and explore the broken world.

    Teleport zone unlocked. Interact with the Hugroot to view the Yggdrasil map and select the zone you want to enter. Chapter quest unlocked. After completing the corresponding quest, tap claim to receive the rewards.

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    This is a projection of Colossus' library in its former glory. Behind these heroes' phantoms lies what you are looking for. I believe that the hero souls they possess are strong enough to restore the library. Did you see the "Hugroot" in the center of the library? It can help you enter the past. Find a target and banish them to a foreign dimension to begin your crusade. Draw near to the Hugroot and embrace it. Bring more souls before it ends. It's the only way to restore the library.

    Welcome to essence, a realm neither real nor unreal. It's a magical realm, made up of countless memories and the essence of the past, which are endlessly entangled. Keep moving forward, and you can redeem the regrets of the past. THe black tablets, or 'ash books' as they are called, underpin this realm's existence. Tablets are tangible objects that carry fragments of history and the memories of the living. Your first goal is to find a hero soul. Then get "EXP", collect them to level up and regain your lost force. Hero souls and "EXP" exist in the bodies of the heroes in "Essence". You have to defeat them then choose to "sacrifice" or "Redemption" to obtain them. In the final battle of "Ragnarok", the Gods fell, and the realm was shattered. Using these "books", we can recreate the "Age of Voidom", which occurred roughly a decde before Ragnarok. Muspellheim, the fiery realm that lies before you, is your first stop. The Fire Giant is the lord of this realm, Wherever he goes, a trail of fire follows. A white raven claiming to be an angel wishes to guide you.

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    Blade of God II Orisols hack menu & cheat codes tips

    STA & Soul shard:

    STA - when your character attacks or dodges, STA will be spent. And then a soul shard mark will be left in the STA bar.
    Soul shard: when your STA bar regenerates to the degree where you spent that amount of STA, use EVA or switch to trigger soul shard to restore current STA to the mark instantly.

    Sacrifice and redemption:
    Choose: every time a boss is defeated, players need to choose between sacrifice and redemption.
    EXgbDU4mA - redemption stone code
    jNvoGlHul - soul stone cheat
    EoYdNntL5 - cast stone hack
    Reward: by sacrificing or redeeming, players will receive "sacrificial stones" or "redemption stones". Use them to redeem items in corresponding shops on the void market.
    Future: your sacrifice and redemption points may affect your relationship with the characters and the development of the story.
    To meaning of sacrifice: by sacrificing, you can send the lost souls to the Dark colossus, converting them into his power. Influence: when you sacrifice more than you redeem, the power of the Dark colossus will affect the Colossus' library, creating red runes on the floor.
    The meaning of Redeem: By redeeming, you can send the lost souls to Audhum the Mother of life, converting them into her power.
    Influence: when you redeem more than you sacrifice, the power of the mother of life will affect the Colossus' library, creating white runes in the sky.

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    1. Q: What is the secret combination cheat code in the game?
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    Lore Insight: The context of chaos, creation, and destruction in the game revolves around the ancient tree Yggdrasil and mystical realms. The characters navigate through the disarray, offering a rich, layered experience intertwined with Nordic mythology and originality.

    Creative Notes: The embodiment of characters such as Esther and Hela brings forth a dichotomy of valor and mystery, respectively. Engaging with the universe, they explore paths of morality, belief, and discovery while navigating through the ephemeral and tangible realms, making the gameplay an intricate weave of narratives and adventures.

    Interview with Developers on Game Design:

    1. Q: How did Nordic mythology inspire the game’s creation and character design?
      A: Nordic mythology, with its rich tapestry of stories and characters, provides a fascinating foundation to explore themes of chaos, creation, and exploration, which we adapted and interwove into our game's narrative and aesthetics.

    2. Q: What was the intention behind incorporating cheat codes like 'hM2irzHc3N' and 'BuzqFbjTJr' into the game?
      A: Cheat codes provide players with the freedom to experience the game in unique ways, whether to overcome challenges or explore different aspects of the game without conventional restrictions.

    3. Q: The concept of “Essence”, a realm made up of memories and past essences, is intriguing. How does it enhance the gameplay?
      A: "Essence" allows players to dive into a world that exists between realities, offering a playground to explore, redeem, and engage with past events and memories, enriching the narrative and strategic aspects of the gameplay.
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