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    Where the heck is this place? I have no idea where this is. I guess i'll have to start exploring around here. Touch city. Touch prepare for battle - this will prepare the city for battle. Touch hero, select a hero to participate in battle. Touch start battle - this will begin the battle in this city. When in battle, use the auto button to have the battle run automatically. Before starting the battle, here are a few tips regarding the controls and game interface. In order from the top left, you can check the hero's HP and vitality, battle round and time limit, items obtained. Try moving your hero, touch the move button on the right and move your hero over to the arrow. If you press the attack button, your hero will do the basic attack for whichever weapon they are holding. Touch the attack button. You can dodge attacks using jump.Aside from your basic attack, you can also use skills to attack enemies. Touch an active skill button. Using skills consumes vitality. You can recover vitality bu using potions.

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    Touching the auto button allows you to run the battle in automatic mode. Touch the auto button int he top left corner. You can increase the level of an occupied city by using popularity. Remember, acquiring or evolving heroes requires a certain amount of gold.In the equipment menu, you can strengthen equipment and switch equipment. If you use switch equipment, the equipment which the hero was wearing will disappear. Please remember this when switching equipment. Aside from switching equipment, you can also strengthen characters using skill boost. In skills, you may increase your skill levels and attribute levels depending on your user level. Skills upgrade increases skill attack power hile attribute upgrade improves attribute effects. If you have had to use a lot of Elixir in an extended battle, try using equip elixir.

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