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  • Tips for levelling up characters in The Eminence in Shadow RPG

    Are you having trouble levelling up your characters in The Eminence in Shadow RPG? Here are some tips to help you out:

    Focus on a single team: It may be tempting to try to level up all of your characters, but it will be more efficient to focus on a single team at a time. This way, you can maximize the amount of experience they receive and keep them all at similar levels.

    Take advantage of Monster Hunt: Monster Hunt is a great source of Magic Candy, which is used to level up your characters. Try to complete as many Monster Hunt quests as you can to get a steady supply of Magic Candy.

    Use Zeni wisely: Zeni is the in-game currency that can be used to purchase Magic Candy or other useful items. Consider saving up your Zeni for purchases that will help you level up your characters more efficiently.

    Don't worry about level scaling: While it may seem like the difficulty in Sanctuary mode increases as your player level goes up, it's not something to worry about too much. Just focus on leveling up your characters and they will be able to handle the challenges that come your way.

    Keep an eye out for special events: The Eminence in Shadow RPG often has special events that offer bonus experience or Magic Candy. Keep an eye out for these events and make sure to take advantage of them to help level up your characters more quickly.

    How to level up characters in The Eminence in Shadow RPG

    Maintaining a leveled team in The Eminence in Shadow RPG can be challenging, especially at high player levels. One way to keep your team leveled is to focus on a single color team for each new chapter of the main quest or shades released. Saving up Magic Candy for a full week and investing it in the appropriate color team can help you progress through the game. It's important to note that free-to-play players may struggle to catch up with the main quest and may be behind on progress.

    Another way to balance out the difficulty is to mix and match your team with high rarity cards, such as SSR or SS+. This can allow you to clear content with a 3* team rather than a full 5-man color team, although this may require luck with summons.

    There are several factors that can affect a character's level in The Eminence in Shadow RPG: rarity, character level, gear, magic gear, awakening level, and bond level. Rarity and character level are determined by the player's account level, with each increase in rarity adding an additional level. Gear, magic gear, and awakening level can all be levelled up to 5, and bond level can be increased to a maximum of 20, which provides stat upgrades. Once a character's level has been maxed out, players will need to wait for updates to increase the account's maximum level.

    Are there ways to get Awakening and increase rarity without spending money?

    In the mobile game The Eminence in Shadow RPG, it seems that some players have characters at high Awakening levels and rarity, but I'm not sure how to obtain these upgrades without spending money. Is it possible to get Awakening and increase rarity through non-paid methods?

    There are a few ways to obtain Awakenings and increase rarity in The Eminence in Shadow RPG without spending money. Completing hard chronicles and collecting shards from the shop or events can help increase rarity. You can also get magic crystals through progression and events that can be used for Awakening. While it may take longer to obtain these upgrades without spending money, it is possible to do so through consistent gameplay. It's also important to note that arena opponents with high Awakening levels and mono elements may be bots, and the top ranks of the ladder may have players with many Awakenings, but most players have few or no characters at Awakening 2 or above.
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