Awaken Legends Beginner's Guide
  • Awaken Legends Beginner's Guide: Learning the basics

    As soon as you begin the game, you'll start the tutorial which guides you through your first few battles on auto mode. Once you've completed the tutorial and have free reign to explore the game, it's important to familiarize yourself with the main menu. The Battle tab is the core of the game – it's where you can set up your team formation based on the heroes in your lineup. You can change your formation by tapping the layout icon on the bottom left of the screen – be sure to strategize the best positions for your heroes, such as placing tanks and warriors in the front and healers and ranged fighters in the back.

    You can also view team bonuses by tapping the element icons at the top of your screen. Depending on the race of the heroes in your team, you may receive attribute bonuses such as attack boosts or increased HP.

    Exploring other game modes
    In addition to battling through the main stages, you can also try out the other game modes in the Adventure tab. The Lost Mystic Realm is a roguelite mode where you select a lineup of heroes and venture into the depths of this mysterious realm for rewards. You'll encounter monster stages, shops, and boss stages, and after defeating enemies, you'll receive a random "Treasure" – these are special bonuses that grant you buffs for the rest of the run. Be prepared for surprise encounters like a Sphinx that may ask you a question or an NPC that allows you to flip a coin for a reward. The Chaotic Abyss, on the other hand, challenges you to progress as far as possible to compete with other players on the server. You can preview the combat power of the enemies you'll face and the rewards before starting a battle.

    Mastering the Battle menu in Awaken Legends: beginner's tutorial

    After completing the tutorial in Awaken Legends, tap on the Battle tab to access the main gameplay. In this menu, you can select the characters you want to include in your team. Be sure to also check out the layout icon on the bottom left of your screen – here, you can adjust the formation of your heroes to prioritize frontline defense or boost ranged spellcasters, depending on your preferred playstyle.

    Additionally, consider choosing your lineup based on the race of your heroes. Certain character races have synergies that can grant team attribute bonuses such as increased HP and higher attack stats. You can also compare your combat power to that of your opponent – keep in mind that a higher combat power doesn't guarantee a win, as a well-coordinated team with great synergy can still triumph over stronger foes.

    Testing your skills in other game modes

    In addition to the main Battle tab, the Adventure tab offers other game modes to explore. The Chaotic Abyss, for example, challenges players to progress as far as possible against other players on the server for special rewards. You can check your rankings to see how you measure up against others.

    The Lost Mystic Realm offers a roguelite adventure featuring regular mobs, curious shops, and random encounters that may present choices or boss fights on the tenth floor of each zone. Defeating enemies in this mode grants a random buff that lasts for the remainder of the run until the Lost Mystic Realm event resets after two days.

    Managing your resources in the Council tab of Awaken Legends

    When you need a break from battling in Awaken Legends, head to the Council tab to manage your resources. In the Town Hall, you can request aid or fulfill other players' requests for special items and materials. These requests can be crafted in the Alchemy Atelier and Magic Factory, but each item requires heroes with energy to produce.

    To ensure you have enough energy, allow your heroes to rest in the Inn to replenish their energy. You can also level up your Town Hall to increase the restoration speed of your Inn and visit the Workshop to forge weapons.

    Exploring the Royal City and claiming rewards

    The Royal City tab in Awaken Legends offers several ways to earn rewards, including joining a Guild and challenging the Boss for special rewards, participating in PvP in the Arena, and progressing through the Spire of Glory to earn rewards based on your achievements against other players on the server.

    The Royal City is also home to the summons pool where you can build up your AFK squad. When summoning, it's inevitable that you'll sometimes pull duplicates – the Divine Revelation feature allows you to use dupes to increase a hero's grade or dismiss normal heroes for useful materials. After each summon, don't forget to claim Gems in the Westland Annals in the Altar.

    Additionally, the Quest tab and the Events button on the Main Story tab offer beginner bonuses and login events that can help new players progress quickly. Be sure to claim these whenever possible – you may even be able to earn the elite hero Evelynn Trafalgar by completing tasks every day!

    Summoning, promoting, and upgrading heroes in Awaken Legends

    In Awaken Legends, you can summon more characters in the Royal City tab's Summon feature, and then use the Divine Revelation feature to increase the grade level of your heroes, particularly when you pull duplicates. After each new hero, don't forget to claim Gems in the Westland Annals in the Altar – this can help you earn enough in-game currency for additional summons.
    If you're looking for a competitive edge, you can participate in battles against other players in the Arena, track your progress in the Spire of Glory, or join a Guild for a more social experience. Don't forget to claim your beginner bonuses in the Quest tab, or simply tap on the floor of the Main Story tab to redeem all of your AFK rewards!

    Awaken Legends receives first major update since soft launch

    Awaken Legends, the popular idle RPG from Webzen, has received its first major update since soft launching in November. This update adds a wealth of new content, including a new hero called Hera Valen, skins, dungeons, a Covenant of the Dark Knight event, a Wishing Well event, and various system improvements and tweaks.

    Hera Valen is a new playable hero with the HolyFire Sanctions skill and a Naughty Witch skin. Other heroes receiving new skins include Maggina (Snowland Ambassador), Ema Breeze (Christmas Courier), and Clark Aesure (Dark Knight). To obtain the Dark Knight skin, you must complete certain missions in the Covenant of the Dark Knight event. Skins allow you to customize the appearance, motion, and skill effects of your heroes.

    The latest update to Awaken Legends also allows you to collect Wishing Tokens from daily missions and spend them in the Wishing Well event for random rewards. There are two new dungeons to explore: Geneon Sunken and Moon God Lake, where you can earn a new artifact called the Tear of Selene.

    Awaken Legends is also getting into the holiday spirit with various events. From December 23rd to January 2nd, you'll be able to light up a Christmas tree and open treasure boxes using Snowflakes, a special currency obtained through Christmas-themed events.

    For those unfamiliar with the game, Awaken Legends is a colorful and accessible idle RPG featuring turn-based battles and over 50 unique heroes to collect, a vast world to explore, and numerous RPG adventures to experience.
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