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  • Enhance your experience in Awaken Legends with interactive features for registered friends:

    View your friend's ID, latest main stage, latest connection time, and producible materials.
    Send and receive Fellowship Points with friends.
    Quickly remove friends you haven't connected with in a while through the Quick Unfriend button.
    Use the SEND & RECEIVE button to easily send and receive Fellowship Points in bulk.
    Whisper with friends and add new ones using their unique ID.
    Communicate with other players in the Awaken Legends Chat:

    Use the World Channel to chat with all server users.

    View system notifications in the System Message channel.
    Connect with guild members in the Guild Channel.
    Chat with users in your server through the Local Server Channel.
    Check Request Aid for yourself and other Town Hall users in the Aid Channel.
    Unlock rewards through the Awaken Legends Battle Pass:

    Receive corresponding rewards as you progress in the game through the Battle Pass.
    Increase your Battle Pass rank by earning Battle Pass Points from daily and weekly quests.
    Access the Basic Pass immediately, or purchase the Advanced Tome to unlock items in the Advanced Pass.
    Complete daily and weekly quests to earn rewards in Awaken Legends:

    Accomplish daily and weekly quests to earn Activity Points.
    When you reach a certain amount of Activity Points, you'll receive the designated reward.
    Daily quests are reset after one day, while weekly quests take 7 days to reset.

    Explore the Uncharted Ruins in Awaken Legends with two modes: Adventure and Endless.

    In Adventure Mode, you'll receive rewards and move on to the next stage after clearing an instance. In Endless Mode, you'll have a Refresh Time and can receive stage clear rewards when it's reached. In both modes, you'll start with a special tile and can install it to create your own path. While installing tiles, you may encounter monsters and earn new tiles by defeating them. Eventually, you'll reach a boss and, upon defeating it, clear the stage and move on to the next. In the Camp, you can upgrade your vehicles, use the Bonfire to restore your hero's health, and learn passive skills exclusive to Uncharted Ruins. These skills can be upgraded using Skill Fragments, which can be obtained by progressing through stages.

    Compete with other players in the Chaotic Abyss of Awaken Legends by reaching a certain distance and ranking against other users in your server. Each distance has its own stage, and you can view the combat power and rewards for each stage. The Ranking feature allows you to see your own position and the top players on your server. If two players reach the same distance, the one who got there first will be ranked higher.

    Experience the Lost Mystic Realm of Awaken Legends by clearing stages to gain various buffs and defeat stronger enemies. At the start, you can choose from two or three stages to battle and see the combat power and potential rewards. Upon clearing a stage, you'll be presented with three treasures to choose from, each with its own elemental effect. Unselected treasures will return to their corresponding elemental sphere, which can be leveled up to a maximum of three times to increase the effect of its elemental treasure.

    Discover additional content in the Adventure menu of Awaken Legends, including the Lost Mystic Realm, Chaotic Abyss, and Uncharted Ruins.

    These features unlock as you progress through the main stage.

    Use the Research Institute to deploy your heroes and produce artifacts:

    - Place heroes to increase production.
    - As the building level increases, the base production will rise and new slots will unlock.
    - Every 8 hours, the Research Institute will produce 1 random treasure shard.

    Create material items requested in the Town Hall at the Alchemy Atelier:

    - Place up to 3 heroes, with more slots unlocking as you level up.
    - The Production Max Limit increases with the building level, and you can immediately receive items by tapping them.

    Craft weapons, armor, helmets, and boots at the WorkShop using Foundry Materials:

    - Select the item part you want to produce.
    - Choose a hero to assist with production and use the Auto Arrange feature to automatically select heroes.
    - Tap the hammer to begin production, using a certain amount of Foundry Materials. The rarity of the item will be randomly determined.

    Produce material items requested in the Town Hall at the Magic Factory:

    - Place up to 3 heroes, with more slots unlocking as you level up.
    - The Production Max Limit increases with the building level, and you can immediately receive items by tapping them.
    - Use items produced by the Council in the Town Hall to make Requests.

    Maximize your resources in Awaken Legends through the Town Hall:

    Make up to 5 requests per day to earn Prosperity, with a reward for every 25 points you accumulate (up to 100 points per day).
    Request materials from friends or guild members through Requested Aid, and receive a Tax Refund Voucher as a reward for helping others with their Requested Aid in the Social – Chat – Aid Channel.
    View the material items you have produced in the Warehouse.
    Use Tax Refund Vouchers to collect material items randomly (1 attempt uses 5 vouchers).
    Optimize your hero's energy in the INN:

    Arrange heroes in the Council to produce items and participate in quests.
    Energy is used to produce items, craft, and participate in quests, and can be restored in the INN.
    Increase the overall level of the Council and INN by clearing Mainstory stages, which will also increase the Restore Speed of the INN. More slots for heroes will also unlock as the INN level increases.
    Use the Auto Arrange feature to easily arrange your heroes.
    Enhance your heroes in the Memory Stone:

    The top 5 heroes will be automatically registered in the Memory Stone, with the lowest level among them serving as the standard for increasing the levels of the registered heroes.
    Unlock more Memory Stone slots by clearing stages or using Memory shards and diamonds.
    Join or create a guild with other players on the server to access various guild activities:

    View your guild members and information about your guild in Guild Details.
    Use coins earned through guild activities to shop in the Browse Shop.
    Challenge the guild boss twice a day in the Challenge Boss feature.
    View guild logs and settings, including the ability to leave the guild, browse other guilds on the server, send Guild Mail (for members with permission), and change guild settings (for members with permission).

    Join the Master's Arena in Awaken Legends and create three teams with a total of 15 heroes to compete against other players on the server. The Master's Arena runs for 14 days, and at the end of the season, the top 10 players will be eligible to participate in the Legends' Championship.

    View the overall ranking.
    Check your rank, combat power, remaining season time, and Arena coins.
    View your defense team formation, records of users who challenged you, and the Arena Shop.
    Check your remaining daily Master's Arena usage and start the Arena.
    Compete in various Arena types in Awaken Legends, including the general Arena, Master's Arena, Open Arena, and Legends' Championship. In the general Arena, use a total of 5 heroes to compete against other players on the server and earn daily and seasonal diamond rewards based on your points.

    View the ranking within your server.
    Check the end date of the current season, your current ranking, points, and the fighting power of the heroes on your defense team.
    Set up your defense team and view records of other users who challenged you.
    Check your remaining daily Arena usage and participate.

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