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  • How to Increase Genshin Impact City Reputation

    Improve your Reputation in Genshin Impact with the upcoming 1.1 update. Learn how to increase your Reputation in the anime-inspired gatcha adventure game in Mondstadt and Liyue, and discover the rewards you can earn. Developer MiHoYo has provided details on the Reputation system set to arrive in early November. Explore Genshin Impact and increase your Reputation for even more enjoyment.

    What is the Genshin Impact Reputation System?

    Get ready for the new Reputation System in Genshin Impact, similar to those found in other live-service games like Destiny 2 and World of Warcraft. In Genshin Impact, each city state will have its own reputation system, starting with the two currently available regions of Mondstadt and Liyue and expanding to include newer regions like Dragonspire as they become available to explore. To unlock the City Reputation and Exploration System, players must reach Adventure Rank 25 and complete a specific quest in the region's storyline. For example, to start earning City Reputation in Liyue, players must complete the Archon quest "Farewell, Archaic Lord - Chapter I: Act II," and to start increasing their Mondstadt reputation, they must have completed the Archon quest "The Outlander Who Caught the Wind - Prologue: Act I." Get ready to level up your standing with the people of each region and earn various rewards as you increase your influence.

    In short, the difference between Genshin Impact exploration and city reputation

    is that exploration involves discovering and exploring different locations on the map, while city reputation involves completing quests and challenges to earn reputation points with a particular city or faction. These two systems are separate from each other, meaning that you can level up one without affecting the other. The rewards and unlocks for each system are also separate, with exploration rewards typically being related to discovering new locations and collectibles, while city reputation rewards are often related to unlocking new quests or abilities within the city or faction.

    To increase your city's reputation level - Genshin Impact

    , you can complete bounties and requests in that city. These tasks are available on a weekly basis, and you can only complete a maximum of three of each type across all cities in one week. You can also earn reputation for your city by completing region quests, which are standard quests found in each region. However, these quests are finite and cannot be repeated. If you have already completed region quests before unlocking the reputation feature, your progress will be applied retroactively to your city reputation once the feature is unlocked.

    To increase your World Exploration level - Genshin Impact

    , you can explore different regions and engage in activities such as opening chests, unlocking Waypoints, and finding Elemental Oculi. This will unlock equipment and features that are not available through the City Reputation screen. Your progress towards increasing your World Exploration level will be retroactively applied to your standing with the corresponding city, even if you completed these activities before the City Reputation feature was available or patched in.

    Rewards for increasing your City Reputation in this game include both cosmetic rewards such as namecard and glider designs, as well as practical benefits such as local discounts and the Mining Outcrop Search feature. These rewards are meant to make your adventure easier and more efficient as you progress through the game. The exact list of rewards that are currently available for unlocking can vary, but some examples of rewards you may be able to unlock include access to new areas or content, special items or equipment, or other in-game perks.
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