Genshin Impact Adventure Rank
  • In Genshin Impact, your Adventure Rank is a measure of your progress and experience in the game.

    It is separate from your character level, which determines the strength of your characters. Many features in the game, such as Archon and Story quests, certain temples, and certain character levels, are locked behind certain Adventure Rank levels. A low Adventure Rank can be frustrating as it can feel like you have to grind to progress. This guide will help you raise your Adventure Rank quickly as you play.

    Here are some additional ways to raise your Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact:

    Explore and discover new locations - Each new location you discover will give you a small boost to your Adventure Rank. This includes everything from cities and towns to hidden ruins and secret locations.

    Participate in events - Genshin Impact frequently has events that offer bonus Adventure Rank experience points for completing certain tasks. Keep an eye out for these events and make sure to participate in them.

    Level up your characters - Every time you level up a character, you'll receive a small boost to your Adventure Rank. Focus on leveling up your most frequently used characters to maximize this effect.

    Complete achievements - The game has a variety of achievements that you can complete to earn Adventure Rank experience points. Be sure to check out the achievements tab and see which ones you can complete.

    By completing daily commissions, side quests, and world quests, you can also increase your Adventure Rank. These shorter missions often offer XP and resources, and can be a good way to break up your gameplay and explore different parts of the world.

    Temples and Domains are locked behind increasing levels as you progress.

    They are shorter than Archon missions and are located on the map in blue diamonds. Some may require you to complete a nearby puzzle before you can access them. You will need Original Resin to claim the Temple rewards.

    There is a list of bosses in the Guide Book. Some are represented as floating spheres on the map. When you travel to them, you can start a challenge similar to the Daily Commissions, such as killing seven enemies. Completing these challenges will give you 100 XP and you can claim the rewards and XP with Original Resin.

    Exploration is an option before you unlock other abilities.

    Opening chests, activating Teleporters or statues (both marked on the map even when inactive) will give you minor XP. Focusing on these activities early on will make fast travel easier and allow you to access the good stuff quicker.

    Original Resin is a currency in the game and is important for XP. It is needed for Bosses, Temples, and Domains. You start with 120 Original Resin each day and it costs 20 each time to claim the rewards, which equals 600 XP. You can add 180 Original Resin per day using Fractured Resin or 180 Original Resin per day using 50 Primogems. You can use Original Resin six times per day for a total of 600 XP. With Fractured Resin, you can potentially get another 900 XP per day and with Primogems, you can potentially get another 900 XP per day. You will also recharge one Original Resin every eight minutes of play.

    Upon reaching Adventure Rank 5 and 10, you will receive 10 Acquaint Fates each, which is enough for a pack of whichever banner you want to pull. These can be used to strengthen your team without spending real money. At Adventure Rank 12, you unlock Daily Commissions. At Adventure Rank 14, you unlock the ability to send unused party members on resource hunting Dispatches. At Adventure Rank 16, you unlock online co-op.
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