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    Once upon a time, in a faraway magical land floating among the clouds. Mysterious islands filled with tons of extraordinary creatures appeared out of nowhere have piqued the interest of the local folks. The brave souls dedicating their lives to explore all these islands and collect rare species call themselves "Katcher". Us Katchers travel through winds and clouds to reach new islands, establish our own fishing clans. There are times when rumors rise among the clan members. Legend has it that the isles of mystery is the magical angling realm full of bizzare marine creatures. The route that leads to the isles is not only vague but also full of danger. It has to be reason for the rising number of missing Katchers. Yet, skillful Katchers still consider it as a remarkable challenge to get their hands on exceptional species.
    There was one legendary Katcher, who conquered the isles of mystery and came back safely with lots of exotic species no one had ever seen before. He then vanished into thin air soon after, leaving ambiguous trails behind. Some says he found love again after the lost of his first wife and retired to live a tranquil life. Other says he must have started another adventure and suffered the same fate of other unfortunate Katchers. The truth remain unknown till this day.

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    To become a real Katcher, let's start with the basics! Use the joystick to move. Fishing button will be activated while standing on a fishing spot. Cast bobber at the right zone will give a bonus. Great zone gives 3% LP bonus, perfect - 5%. Aim for perfect zone and tap to cast. Control tension gauge and skill gauge to win the fight. Don't let the tension gauge goes too low or too high. Skill gauge has been charged when reached the skill zone. When it's fully charged, we can use fishing skill. Oh, no. Your line is about to break! Release the reel button.

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    You can switch to the lure of fish you want to catch. Beach - the island of Beginnings - to uncover all the mystery islands, Katchery always begin from here. Sun starfish - dubbed the sun of the ocean - Sun Starfish always shines regardless of day or night. You have a higher chance to catch a specific fish by equipping the corresponding lure. And, upgrading the lure will help you to catch a bigger fish.

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