Genshin Impact: How To Process Ingredients
  • To process ingredients in Genshin Impact, players must first gather materials from the environment or by defeating enemies.

    These ingredients can then be used to cook meals at a cooking pot found in the wild. Players can also acquire new recipes by exploring the world and talking to NPCs. Cooking in Genshin Impact serves several purposes, including restoring character HP and giving temporary stat boosts. It is an important gameplay mechanic that players should take advantage of to help their characters in their journey through the game.

    To prepare a dish in the game, you must first select the recipe you wish to make. Then, a pendulum will appear on the screen. If you stop the pendulum in the white bars, you will fail to prepare the dish. However, if you stop it in the light or dark colors, you will successfully prepare the dish as either "Good" or "Perfect," respectively. If you prepare a certain number of "Perfect" versions of a dish, you will become proficient in that recipe and will be able to prepare it without the pendulum mini-game in the future.

    Ingredients for dishes can be obtained in the open world by collecting wild plants, such as mushrooms and flowers, or by hunting animals like boars and chickens for their meat. Alternatively, you can also obtain ingredients by following additional steps in the game.

    To process ingredients in Genshin Impact, you can use the cooking menu, which can be accessed through the Recipes tab.

    From here, you can select the Processing option and choose the ingredient you want to create. The processing time will vary depending on the quantity of the ingredient and the specific type of ingredient being processed. You can also learn how to make new dishes by purchasing them from traders or completing certain World Quests, such as those featuring Xiangling.

    What are the uses of cooking in Genshin Impact?

    Cooking allows you to create dishes that can provide benefits to your party, such as restoring health, reviving fallen party members, or giving temporary boosts. It is worth trying out different combinations and keeping a supply of the dishes that are most helpful to you and your team.
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