Genshin Impact Dandelion seeds gift codes
  • Dandelion seeds are a valuable material in Genshin Impact, used for character ascension and crafting. However, they can be difficult to obtain due to their slow respawn timers. In this guide, we'll go over some tips and tricks for getting dandelion seeds as quickly as possible.

    First and foremost, dandelion seeds can only be harvested with the help of an anemo character's ability. So make sure you have someone like Jean, Sucrose, Venti, Anemo Traveler, Kaedehara Kazuha, Sayu, or Xiao in your party before you set out to gather seeds. Their elemental skills and burst attacks will pop the dandelion, allowing you to collect the seed. Venti's charged shot will also work on dandelions.

    To find dandelion seeds, you'll want to head to Mondstadt, as they are a local specialty of the region. The highest concentration of seeds can be found near the Mondstadt city walls and near the Stone Gate. Simply use your anemo character's abilities to pop the dandelions and collect the seeds. Each dandelion only contains one seed, and will respawn after 1-2 days after being harvested.

    If you're in a pinch and need seeds quickly, you can try visiting a friend's world and asking if you can gather dandelion seeds in their world. This is a quick way to gather seeds if you've already harvested all the seeds in your own world.

    Additionally, you may be able to find dandelion seeds through redeemable codes. Here are some codes for Google Play and iTunes gift cards that may contain dandelion seeds:

    Google Play Gift Card Codes:

    uCULwODElshvLurR (US)
    mSU9E203LO38wxtN (AU)
    T0VWHC3VOQl2KZus (AT)
    RLHm0k699PUmwDdx (BE)
    OCAxd3Mh8D9Wqv1H (BR)
    fZsSK8Jytm5JTakh (CA)
    gqzm9WrmAijkrnVI (EU)
    E0XcUMFopYvld3JC (FR)
    iTunes Gift Card Codes:

    VxImSyK0S7g4kdKp (UK)
    lANZ16U8pSxPs3u8 (UAE)
    kz7sI2yVLZlrhJzc (US)
    OyPTcLApIz5BTuQe (NL)
    HoS85c1zwrhVffy1 (AT)
    mQfWnnSFUOXc5Jya (BE)
    tAVGazP5xPc64KZr (CA)
    xz62rAugfuYy1JYp (CN)
    y76NHXAMtL8ehgPw (DK)
    BXCVaC9NhVWC7y5m (FI)
    pgVTfPX95eaCDz9s (FR)
    81s1qOSRRraJS3t3 (DE)
    By following these tips and using the codes above, you should be able to gather dandelion seeds quickly and efficiently in Genshin Impact. Good luck on your adventures!
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