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    The Formation Estate domain is filled with challenging enemies, but as you progress through the domain and defeat these foes, you'll become more confident and skilled in tackling future domains. The domain is filled with treasures, including valuable artifacts and rare materials that can be used to upgrade your characters and weapons.

    To unlock the Formation Estate, you'll need to light up the torches that are located near the locked machine cube. Unfortunately, the persistent rain in Yashiori Island makes this task difficult. To stop the rain, you'll need to complete the world quest "Orobashi's Legacy." This quest will require you to defeat powerful enemies and solve puzzles to progress.

    Once you've completed the quest and the rain has stopped, you can attempt to light the torches by using pyro attacks or by enlisting the help of characters like Bennett or Klee. Bennett is able to light a single torch with his pyro abilities, but the fire is quickly extinguished by the rain. Klee, on the other hand, is able to light a torch using her mines and attacks. It's believed that four Klees would be able to light all of the torches at the same time, though this has yet to be confirmed.

    It's possible that there may be other ways to unlock the Formation Estate, but these methods have yet to be discovered. Some players speculate that certain characters or abilities may be able to bypass the need to light the torches altogether, but this remains unproven. In any case, completing the Orobashi's Legacy quest and lighting the torches is currently the most reliable way to access the Formation Estate.

    Formation Estate Rewards

    Genshin Impact's Formation Estate is a challenging dungeon that can be found in the Liyue region of Teyvat. It is home to a variety of powerful enemies, including two formidable samurai who guard the entrance to the dungeon. However, the rewards for defeating these enemies and completing the dungeon are well worth the effort.

    Upon defeating the samurai, players will face waves of weaker enemies before reaching the final boss of the dungeon. This boss is a powerful enemy that will require careful strategy and strong teamwork to defeat.

    Once the final boss has been defeated, players will be rewarded with a variety of valuable items. These include 40 Primogems, a valuable currency used to purchase various items in the game, as well as 500 Adventurer's Experience points to help level up your character. Additionally, you'll receive 5 Electro Sigils, which can be used to craft powerful Electro weapons, as well as 1 Hopeful Heart artifact and 2 Guide to Light artifacts.

    In addition to these items, players will also receive 3 Hero's Wit artifacts, which can be used to craft powerful artifacts, and 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore, which can be used to enhance your characters' abilities. Finally, you'll also receive a generous amount of Mora, the in-game currency of Genshin Impact, totaling 30,000 units.

    Overall, the Formation Estate offers decent rewards for the difficulty of the dungeon, making it a worthwhile challenge for players looking to advance their characters and gear in Genshin Impact.
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