Lords of Аsteria hacking
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    Hacked Lords of Аsteria android, ios

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    Lords of Аsteria android, ios hack

    The world of Asteria was created by the ancient gods. It was them who created all peoples and made the elves and the dragons to be the keepers. However, pride prevailed over the Elven people and they stirred up a feud. The mutual insults accumulated during thousands of years, and one day the supreme rulers of the elves could not hold back the intensity of emotions.
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    Thus began the great schism. A terrible war as fire engulfed entire Asteria touching everyone and everything. The war lords of Asteria raged for over two hundred years and its consequences and damage were irreparable. The discord among the elves led them to the creation of several clans spread out in different parts of the world.

    The bloodshed in this war lords of Asteria awakened the demons lurking deep underground. Now they are waiting their moment - the flash of fury, the hour when the great prophecy comes true. The bring star illuminated the sky. This means that the prophecy is coming true. Soon the demons will break out of their prison and destroy every living lords of Asteria.

    Only by uniting the proud people of the elves and their patrons, the dragons, it is possible to fight back the creatures darkness. Be ready for a great journey. Great deeds await you!

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