Genshin Impact Windtrace
  • Windtrace is a popular game mode in Genshin Impact that tests players' stealth and strategy skills.

    In this mode, players have to navigate through an obstacle course and reach the end without being detected by the enemy patrols. Hiding spots are an essential element in Windtrace, as they allow players to avoid detection and progress through the course. In this guide, we will share some secret hiding spots that can help you achieve a 100% win rate in Windtrace.

    First, let's talk about the basics of Windtrace. In this mode, you play as a character called the "Runner," and your goal is to reach the end of the course without being detected by the "Hunters." The Hunters are AI-controlled characters that patrol the course and try to catch you. If they spot you, they will chase you and try to capture you. If they succeed, you lose the game.

    To avoid detection, you can use various techniques, such as hiding behind objects, staying out of the Hunters' line of sight, and using stealth abilities. One of the most effective techniques is to find a good hiding spot and wait for the Hunters to pass by. When the coast is clear, you can then continue your journey.

    So, where can you find these secret hiding spots in Windtrace? Here are some tips:

    Look for tall grass, bushes, and other foliage. These objects can provide good cover, especially if you crouch down behind them. Make sure to check the surrounding area before hiding, as some foliage may not be as dense as it appears and may not offer adequate cover.

    Use the environment to your advantage. Look for objects that you can use as cover, such as walls, pillars, and barrels. These objects can provide good concealment and allow you to stay out of the Hunters' line of sight.

    Explore the area and keep an eye out for hidden pathways and secret passageways. These can provide excellent hiding spots and allow you to bypass the Hunters altogether.

    Take advantage of the shadows. If you are in an area with good lighting, try to find a shadowed area to hide in. The Hunters may have a harder time spotting you in these areas.

    Use your stealth abilities wisely. Many characters in Genshin Impact have abilities that allow them to become invisible or temporarily blend into the environment. These abilities can be very useful in Windtrace, as they allow you to evade the Hunters and continue your journey undetected.

    Don't be afraid to retrace your steps.

    If you find yourself in a tough spot and you can't seem to find a good hiding spot, it may be a good idea to go back and try a different route. This can allow you to find a better hiding spot and avoid the Hunters altogether.

    Don't stay in one spot for too long. While hiding spots can be very helpful, you don't want to stay in one spot for too long. The Hunters may eventually find you, or you may run out of time. Keep moving and look for new hiding spots as you progress through the course.

    By following these tips and using the secret hiding spots that we have shared, you can increase your chances of achieving a 100% win rate in Windtrace. Remember, stealth and strategy are key to success in this mode, so take your time and plan your route carefully. Good luck, and happy hiding!
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