mega warriors hacking
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    A small overview of the game.
    Letter cheats and codes.

    Hacked mega warriors android, ios

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    • skill points - ihbNiV;

    • unlimited power to fire a weapon - w8oq2V;

    • upgrade mech - IiNoyK;

    • gold coins - s8mmiO;

    • unlimited fuel - xgVmMZ;

    • free support - 5lrsQp;

    • commander credits - 5xJJEq;

    mega warriors android, ios hack

    12 years have passed since the apocalypse. It is still about the survival of the fittest. Will the remains of the last civilization. The fight continues...

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    Different armors and shields may have varied performance against different types of damage. Commander credits allow you to use multiple battle supports in combat mega warriors. When auto combat is on, your squad fights on their own. Turn it off if you want to manually command them. The distance between you and the enemy. Mechs cannot attack those out of their weapon range.

    Attack costs power to fire a weapon mega warriors. Multiple weapons can fire at the same time if their total power is within the mech's power limit. Different weapons mega warriors may have different targeting limitation. Use it to your advantage when you attack or defend. Combat costs ammo and may inflict damage to your mechs. Remember to do repair and resupply between fights.

    how to enter cheats mega warriors.

  • how and where enter
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