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  • Updates on Mobile Games: Apex Legends Season 4 Delay, Random Dice: Go Pre-Registration, and Ezetta Prophecy Early Access

    -Information about a delay in the release of Apex Legends Season 4 for mobile
    -Availability of pre-registration for the board game sequel Random Dice: Go
    -Details about the early access release of the turn-based RPG Ezetta Prophecy on Android in the US

    Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 Release Delayed

    The release of Apex Legends Season 4 on mobile has been delayed. The Season 3.5 Underworld update was set to end on January 10 and Season 4 was set to release afterwards, but the developers have announced that Season 3 will be extended and therefore Season 4 has been postponed. The Season Hub now lists February 14 as the new end date for the season. The delay is reportedly due to the need for additional time to troubleshoot and fix any remaining issues. Some players are disappointed by the news, while others believe the extra time will result in a smoother release.

    Random Dice: Go Available for Pre-Registration

    Random Dice: Go, the sequel to the board game Random Dice, is now available for pre-registration. The game is an auto-battle strategy game where players strategize and use various dice with unique skills and traits to improve their chances of winning. Players can also compete in one-on-one battles in a PvP format, where they can unlock better dice and rewards as they win. The game offers personalized strategies based on the player's style.

    Ezetta Prophecy, a Turn-Based RPG, Now Available for Early Access on Android in US

    Ezetta Prophecy, a turn-based RPG by Gaea Mobile, is now available as early access for Android in the US. The game offers a real-time epic RPG experience with missions and bosses, and players can form an alliance with unique characters to fight against evil forces. The game features an in-depth class system and an extensive story campaign with unique bosses and levels. Players can customize their character and join guilds to fight monsters together. The game is available on the Google Play Store in the US.
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