Summoners War Chronicles codes
  • Summoners War Chronicles Promo & Redeem Codes for January 2023

    As of January 9, 2023, one new code has been added.
    speed up - GBCImY1jTR8LH4R9
    unlock skills - 1UQYBV0cIaanMbCa
    promote - MZx8tronEwkWUBew
    level up - oy2RrXaUD64LOHDD
    mastery boost - THXgrFFE8P0SABmo
    secret combination - V68L3ey0QwecSGpI
    daily gift - iwmwx7n6njwN73Pj
    battle pass - m4399m49wicNyCHh
    resources - 8v9yyKGjdi5CmWUY
    gems (diamonds) - mgDHSjyborwAkAbq
    VIP privileges - gLheHd0lsas842SE
    premium pass code - muE18ZqBQH1prDSt
    starter pack cheat - dxP2ynxDRMbKVN9V
    unlimited stamina energy hack - 9q3rFSpUakaNsV5J
    mixed package - 7nkziNgfPjXaDFnN
    awaken - sgXON150WbDCeyiF
    upgrade - jOPzjtA22Kgih7Eq
    evolve - ZlQTIPTZpa1lloyI
    off ads - TtrcwQryq1YhHEtC
    shards - RfxzF3cEBsPLng4t

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    Looking for the most recent active codes in Summoners War: Chronicles? Look no further, as we have compiled them all here. Below you will find a list of all redeem codes that have been released up until now, and the benefits you will receive for redeeming them.

    Summoners War Chronicles is an RPG that will appeal to players who dream of a Summoners War game where they can roam freely in a mystical world and use the monsters they have summoned to battle various mobs and collect rewards. In this game, players can power up their monsters and use their favorites to create their ideal team.

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    Active Summoners War: Chronicles codes

    Below is a list of all the active codes that are currently available in the game. Make sure to claim them quickly as they have limited validity.


    There are no expired codes at the moment.

    How to redeem codes in Summoners War: Chronicles

    To redeem these codes, please follow these steps:

    Step 1: Go to the Coupon Exchange page.
    Step 2: Enter your CS Code, which can be found in the game by opening the Settings menu.
    Step 3: Enter the active coupon code and then select the "Use Coupon" button. All rewards will be sent to your mailbox.
    Step 4: Check your in-game mailbox and redeem your rewards.

    Check this page frequently for updates on the latest Summoners War Chronicles codes that are released. We will keep an eye on the game's social media accounts and notify you as soon as a new code becomes available.
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