Red Dead Redemption 2 fast travel
  • In Red Dead Redemption 2, players can access three different types of fast travel options, including automatic horse travel.

    To unlock these options, players must complete Chapter 2, "Money Lending And Other Sins" (given by Strauss), which will unlock the ledger. Players can then put money in the tithing box and upgrade their camp by purchasing the two camp upgrades in the lodging category: "First Things First" ($220) and "Next In Line" ($325). The second upgrade will unlock a fast travel map located behind Arthur's tent. However, this fast travel is only one-way and can only be used to reach previously discovered towns, with no option to fast travel back to the camp.

    However, there is a hidden feature in the game that allows for free fast travel. By placing a waypoint marker anywhere on the map, players can then start riding on the road and hold the Touchpad to make their horse automatically run to the marked location. The player can then release the button and wait while the horse travels to the marked location. It's worth noting that players will still be vulnerable to predators and bandits during the automatic horse travel.

    Another fast travel option available in the game is the train stations and stagecoaches, which cost between $5 to $15. However, this option can only be used to travel between towns and not to player's own camp. Players can use this option to reach the town closest to their camp and then ride the rest of the way.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 fast travel options

    - Unlocking the ledger by completing chapter 2
    - Camp upgrades to unlock fast travel map
    - Automatic horse travel feature
    - Fast travel via train stations and stagecoaches
    - Cost of train station and stagecoach fast travel
    - One-way fast travel, only to previously discovered towns
    - Hidden feature of free fast travel using waypoint marker
    - Vulnerability to predators and bandits during automatic horse travel.
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