Red Dead Online unlimited XP
  • To farm unlimited XP in Red Dead Online, follow these steps:

    1.Form a posse with another player. This exploit requires two players.

    2.Have the posse leader initiate replay of the "Kill Them, Each And Every One" final online story mission (Pause Menu - Progress - Story - Select Mission - hold Square to replay). Note: The posse leader must have completed this mission for replay to be available. The joining player only needs to have completed the online tutorial.

    3.Press Square for matchmaking. Once you are in the lobby, hold Circle to quit (confirm with X to "Exit With Posse"). This step will put both players back into the open world and mark the mission start with a yellow circle on the map near your spawn.

    4.Both players must enter the mission start (yellow circle) simultaneously. The easiest way to do this is to have both players sit on the same horse to guarantee simultaneous entry.

    5.The posse leader must press X to start the Red Dead Online mission. If done correctly, it should skip the matchmaking and put you instantly in the mission. Skip the cutscenes to save time.

    6.Follow the mission objectives until you reach Fort Mercer where enemies spawn (after a cutscene where you put on helmets).

    7.This is where the actual XP exploit starts. When you reach Fort Mercer (after cutscene), you will get 50 Split Point Ammo for the Carbine Repeater (this is automatic and free, no matter your level). Open the weapon wheel (L1), hover over the Carbine Repeater, and press D-pad Right to select the Split Point Ammo. Note: The Split Point Ammo gives you +6 XP per kill, and you get it for free in this mission.

    8.Kill the enemies with Carbine Repeater Executions. Run up to them and press R2. You should get 34 XP per kill (6 XP per kill + 6 XP special ammo + 11 XP execution + 11 XP Eyes Wide Shut). While normally you only get 6 XP per kill, you will now earn 34 XP per kill. Note: Defeat the first few enemies behind the machine guns with headshots. You can then rush in and kill everyone with executions at close range. Additionally, wear heavy armor in this mission to greatly reduce incoming damage.

    9.Allow the final enemy to kill you (lose both lives). Then, have both players press X to "Retry Checkpoint". This makes all enemies instantly respawn so you can keep farming execution kills.

    10.Repeat steps 7-9 as many times as desired (The Fastest Way to Farm XP in Red Dead Online). On each retry, you will get another 50 free special ammo, which you must equip again. Kill everyone with executions, let the last enemy kill you, reload the checkpoint, and repeat.
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