Mastering Grand Theft Auto V
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Achieving 100% Completion

    In Grand Theft Auto V, achieving 100% completion does not require completing every task and mission. To reach 100% completion in GTA V, players must successfully complete the tasks outlined in the following sections:

    Part 1: Story Mode Missions

    To achieve 100% completion in the Story mode of Grand Theft Auto V, players must successfully complete all 69 main missions. The missions are divided among the characters Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, and are listed below:

    Franklin, Michael, and Trevor's Main Missions

    • Prologue

    • Franklin And Lamar

    • Repossession

    • Complications

    • Father/Son

    • Chop

    • Marriage Counseling

    • Daddy's Little Girl

    • Friend Request

    • Casing The Jewel Store

    • Carbine Rifles

    • The Jewel Store Job (The Loud Approach / The Smart Approach)

    • Mr. Philips

    • Nervous Ron

    • Trevor Philips Industries

    • Crystal Maze

    • Friends Reunited

    • Fame Or Shame

    • Dead Man Walking

    • Did Somebody Say Yoga

    • The Long Stretch

    • Hotel Assassination

    • The Multi Target Assassination

    • Three's Company

    • Hood Safari

    • By The Book

    • Scouting The Port

    • Minisub

    • Trash Truck

    • Boiler Suits

    • Masks

    • Tow Truck

    • The Merryweather Heist (Freighter / Offshore)

    • Blitz Play

    • Mr. Richards

    • I Fought The Law

    • Eye In The Sky

    • The Vice Assassination

    • The Bus Assassination

    • Caida Libre

    • Deep Inside

    • Minor Turbulence

    • The Construction Assassination

    • Paleto Score Setup

    • Military Hardware

    • Predator

    • The Paleto Score

    • Derailed

    • Monkey Business

    • Hang Ten

    • Surveying The Score

    • Bury The Hatchet

    • Pack Man

    • Fresh Meat

    • The Ballad Of Rocco

    • Reuniting The Family

    • Architect's Plans

    • Legal Trouble

    • The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew / Roof Entry)

    • The Wrap Up

    • Lamar Down

    • Meltdown

    • Driller

    • Sidetracked

    • The Big Score (Subtle Approach / Obvious Approach)

    • The Third Way

    • Something Sensible

    • The Time's Come

    Part 2: Hobbies and Pastimes

    In addition to completing the main Story mode missions, players must also successfully complete 42 of the 59 available hobbies and pastimes in Grand Theft Auto V. These optional side missions can be found throughout the game world in San Andreas, and many are unlocked through Strangers and Freaks missions. The following is a list of the hobbies and pastimes that count towards a 100% completion in GTA V:

    Hobbies and Pastimes that count towards 100% completion

    • Shooting Range: Hand Guns

    • Shooting Range: Submachine Guns

    • Shooting Range: Assault Rifles

    • Shooting Range: Shotguns

    • Shooting Range: Light Machine Guns

    • Shooting Range: Heavy

    • Street Race: South Los Santos

    • Street Race: City Circuit

    • Street Race: Airport

    • Street Race: Freeway

    • Street Race: Vespucci Canals

    • Win at Tennis

    • Play 9 holes of Golf and finish even or below par

    • Win at Darts

    • Get a private dance at the Strip Club

    • Triathlon 1: Vespucci Canals

    • Triathlon 2: Alamo Sea

    • Triathlon 3: Coyote Cross Country

    • Offroad Race 1: Canyon Cliffs

    • Offroad Race 2: Ridge Run

    • Offroad Race 3: Mineward Spiral

    • Offroad Race 4: Valley Trail

    • Offroad Race 5: Lakeside Splash

    • Offroad Race 6: Eco Friendly

    • Flight School: Training Take Off

    • Flight School: Runway Landing

    • Flight School: Inverted Flight

    • Flight School: Knife Flight

    • Flight School: Flat Hatting

    • Flight School: Touch Down

    • Flight School: Loop the loop

    • Flight School: Helicopter Course

    • Flight School: Helicopter Speed Run

    • Flight School: Skydiving

    • Flight School: Drop Zone

    • Flight School: Earn Your Wings

    • Sea Race: East Coast

    • Sea Race: North East Coast

    • Sea Race: Raton Canyon

    • Sea Race: Lost Santos

    • Perform Yoga

    • Parachuting: Complete all Base Jumps

    • Parachuting: Complete all Heli Jumps

    Hobbies and Pastimes that do not count towards 100% completion

    • Stunt Plane Time Trials

    • Bail Bonds - Quarry

    Keep in mind that in order to achieve 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto V, players must successfully complete all 69 main Story mode missions and 42 of the 59 available hobbies and pastimes. With careful planning and dedication, players can reach this coveted status and truly experience all that GTA V has to offer.

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