Weapon Guide Cyberpunk 2077
  • Obtain all the legendary weapons by completing the Cyberpunk 2077 designated tasks.

    Cyberpunk 2077 Revolvers:

    • Amnesty (Overture): Obtained by finding Cassidy in the Nomad camp during the main job "We Gotta Live Together" and completing the shooting challenge. This revolver has increased damage and improved weapon handling.

    • Archangel (Overture): Acquired by successfully completing Kerry Eurodyne's side-job "Off The Leash". This revolver has low recoil and electricity damage with chance to stun.

    • Comrade's Hammer (RT-47 Burya): Found in Santa Domingo, Arroyo by obtaining the crafting recipe from the leader of an Arroyo Organized Crime Activity hustle. This revolver can shoot through walls and deals high Thermal Damage.

    • Crash (Overture): Obtained by successfully completing River Ward's final side-job "Following The River". ADS and charging cause this revolve to fire full-auto with reduced bullet spread and recoil.

    • Doom Doom (DR5 Nova): Acquired by completing "The Pickup" without killing Dum Dum. Later, you can collect this weapon off of Dum Dum in the "Second Conflict" side-job. This revolver shoots x4 bullets per trigger pull. It has high damage, rate of fire, and dismemberment chance —- but low accuracy and high recoil.

    Cyberpunk 2077 Pistols:

    • Apparition (JKE-X2 Kenshin): Found on Frank's body during the "War Pig" side-job. This pistol becomes more powerful when your health is low. Charged shots deal x2 damage.

    • Chaos (JKE-X2 Kenshin): Dropped by Royce in "The Pickup" main job in Act 1. Collect it after the Royce boss battle. This pistol has a randomized critical and status effect after each reload.

    • Dying Night (M-10AF Lexington): At the start of the game, you will get a call telling you to check the 2nd Amendment store. You can get the gun for free. This pistol has fast reload, +50% headshot damage.

    • Genjiroh (HJKE-11 Yukimura): During the "Play It Safe" main job, look behind a locked door to the right of the elevator when approaching the second sniper nest. This pistol has a high magazine size and shoots x4 bullets per trigger pull. It can target x6 enemies simultaneously with increased projectile speed. It also deals Electricity damage with a chance to shock.

    • Kongou (Liberty): During the "The Heist" main job, you will enter Yorinobu's hotel room. While you are inside, look on the nightstand to the right of the bed to find Kongou. This pistol has a reduced clip size, lower recoil, and increased firing rate.

    • La Chingona Dorada (Nue): At the end of Act 1, choose to send Jackie back to his family to unlock the "Heroes" side-job. Successfully complete that side-job. You can then find this weapon on the memorial in the Cojo Coyote. This pistol has a fast reload and extra mod slot. It also has a higher chance to apply Burn and Stun.

    • Lizzie (Omaha): In Act 1 (and later missions). you will need to visit Judy in Lizzie's Bar. Check the basement just outside the server room to find Lizzie. This pistol fires +1 bullets per trigger pull. Charging fires more bullets.

    • Plan B (Liberty): Return to the scrapyard after Act 1 and loot Dex's body to find Plan B. This pistol uses Eurodollars as ammo instead of bullets. Each shot can apply the Bleed status effect.

    • Pride (Liberty): Found after the death scene, next to the body, after your encounter with Adam Smasher in "Knockin' On Heaven's Door". This pistol has high headshot damage and improved crit chance.

    • Second Opinion (Nue): During the "Automatic Love" main job, Second Opinion can be found in Maiko's Office, next to Woodman's. This pistol shoots +1 bullets per trigger pull. It deals Electricity damage with a chance to shock.

    Cyberpunk 2077 Assault Rifles:

    • Divided We Stand (D5 Sidewinder): Obtained by successfully completing the "Stadium Love" side-job in Coronado Rancho and winning the shooting competition. This special smart assault rifle can simultaneously target five different enemies.

    • Moron Labe (M251s Ajax): Found on the southwest edge of Pacifica (West Wind Estate), it can be obtained by completing a specific side-job. This assault rifle has increased accuracy and damage, as well as a larger magazine size.
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