Cyberpunk 2077 Tips and Tricks
  • Tips and Tricks for Cyberpunk 2077:

    • Be strategic with your skill points and hold off on using them until you encounter a mission objective that requires a specific skill check. Take advantage of the ability to pause the game in the middle of a conversation to upgrade your skills and pass the checks.

    • Earn extra skill points by exploring different playstyles and weapons. Change up your tactics by using a shotgun in one level, stealth takedowns in another, and hacking everything in sight. Sprinting everywhere instead of driving can also earn you Athletic XP.

    • Inflict extra damage with headshot skills by using sniper rifles and pistols. Combine this with a silenced weapon skill for a deadly stealth build.

    • Quickhack everything to gain XP and earn extra skill points. Keep your hack scanner open to discover bounties, access points, and more.

    • Hack access points for easy money and crafting components. Use Ping to locate them or scan for nearby access points. Complete as many of the reward conditions as possible for maximum rewards.

    • Avoid using fast travel to discover nearby missions (gigs) marked with a yellow "?" on the map for extra money.

    • Loot most things, including weapons that can be dismantled for crafting parts. Use scan to find items that are junk specifically made for selling, as you may find something rare and valuable.

    • Take your time in Act 1, complete hustles and gigs to earn extra money before attempting "The Heist" mission.

    • Quickly buy a new cyberdeck, as the starting one is not upgradeable. Quickhacking can be a useful tool, especially for sneaking.

    • Get a Level 20 Sniper Rifle at the start of the game by following the Ripperdoc beginner quest and checking the chest on the rooftop. This rifle can do substantial damage and can be unlocked at Body 6 and sold for a high price.
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