Cyberpunk 2077 bosses
  • Defeating Adam Smasher boss - Cyberpunk 2077. Beating the odds: Tips for defeating powerful bosses

    Conquering the formidable opponent, the Endbringer

    During the "Apocalypse" main mission, players will face off against the Endbringer. It is strongly advised to equip a shotgun, machine gun, and a precision rifle (this ensures a variety of ammunition options and prevents running out of bullets).

    • The Endbringer will primarily use close-range attacks. Target and destroy its left leg (when aiming at it, to the right).

    • Once this body part is eliminated, it causes significant damage and it will no longer use close-range attacks. Instead, it will primarily rely on its energy blasts.

    • As it charges its energy blasts, constantly move to evade them as they are targeted at your current location. Utilize your precision rifle and machine gun from a safe distance.

    • As its health decreases, it will also summon smaller enemies. These flying enemies can be easily dealt with by throwing a few EMP grenades (as they tend to evade bullets).

    • Move around the upper area and maintain a safe distance from the Endbringer. Only focus on the smaller enemies when they get too close, otherwise keep your attention on the Endbringer.

    • It has a massive amount of health, but after its initial close-range phase, it is limited in its abilities. Take out its energy blasts and it will be left defenseless and with little left to attack you. If you run out of ammo, you can also use melee weapons to finish it off.

    Cyberpunk 2077: Defeating Sandayu Oda boss

    Upon completing the "Play It Safe" main mission, players will immediately be faced with the Sandayu Oda boss battle. Sandayu Oda is the most versatile opponent yet, with a diverse range of moves.

    • He will initiate the fight using dual melee weapons, so always dodge to the side or away when he attacks. While dodging, continue to shoot him. Headshots with a revolver are particularly effective.

    • Fully automatic weapons can also deal significant damage, but they may run out of ammo quickly. Shotguns can also be used, but reload times may be slow depending on the model.

    • It is recommended to equip a different ammo type in each weapon slot (one pistol/revolver, one fully automatic weapon, one sniper rifle) to ensure a steady supply of ammunition.

    • Be mindful of your positioning and avoid getting cornered by Oda's melee attacks. When he jumps in the air and comes crashing down with a melee attack, it can inflict heavy damage if not dodged.

    • After the initial wave of attacks, he will begin alternating between homing bullets and melee attacks. When he uses homing bullets, take cover immediately.

    • As the fight progresses, he will also start jumping to higher areas and only shoot homing bullets. Use this opportunity to land sniper rifle headshots on him.

    • As his health drops, he will begin using a stealth cloak and disappear from the minimap. Keep an eye out for the blue outline of his cloak and shoot him to interrupt his health regeneration.

    • If your own health becomes critically low, retreat and use health items while searching for Sandayu Oda.

    • It is crucial to enter this fight with ample supplies of ammo and health items to ensure victory.

    Defeating Sasquatch boss (Matilda K. Rose in Cyberpunk 2077)

    During the "Find the agent in the cinema" objective in the "I Walk the Line" main mission, players will come face-to-face with Matilda K. Rose, also known as the "Sasquatch" boss. Matilda is a massive female brawler, utilizing only melee attacks in battle.

    • Despite her size and power, she is relatively slow and easy to dodge. Utilize firearms and keep your distance as much as possible to avoid her attacks.

    • The recommended method for dodging is to move to the side, as this allows for easy access to her weak spot located on her back.

    • This weak spot is a glowing tech piece, which also allows her to recharge her health. Taking this out should be your top priority as it will explode with just a few hits, dealing significant damage to her and preventing her from recharging her health.

    • After landing a heavy attack, Matilda will be briefly stunned and standing still, providing an opportunity to hit her weak spot.

    • The rest of the battle is relatively straightforward, continue to dodge and shoot her head. Fully automatic weapons and shotguns are recommended.

    • If Matilda pins you to the ground, continue to attack her and she will release you quickly.

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