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  • Unlock the Secrets of Marvel Midnight Suns: A Guide to Winning Battles

    • Get to know your team and their strengths and weaknesses.

    • Don't fixate on the same squadmates, play and get to know all of them.

    • Quick attacks are crucial for making the most out of every round.

    • Use quick attacks to KO enemies and refund card play.

    • Quick attacks also generate Heroism for powering up stronger abilities.

    • Understanding and balancing your team will make you more efficient on the battlefield.

    Master the Art of Combat in Marvel Midnight Suns with These Tips and Tricks

    Are you new to the strategy game Marvel Midnight Suns by Firaxis? If so, you may find the early hours of the game confusing. To help you on your journey to defeat the Mother of Demons, here are some tips and tricks to make the battle less challenging.

    Get to know your team: As soon as possible, familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of each available hero. Certain hero combinations can be bad match-ups, while others complement each other and allow for easy combos on enemies. For example, Ghost Rider is a powerful combatant but his abilities drain his health, leaving him vulnerable to enemy attacks. Pairing him with support-focused heroes like Nico or Dr Strange will balance out his abilities and allow him to be used as the explosive weapon he was meant to be.

    Don't fixate on the same squadmates: While you may have a preference for certain heroes, it's important to get to know how each one works. Missions will often require you to take at least one pre-selected hero, so it's best to play them all, figure out how you want to assemble their personal decks, and keep them leveled up for future battles.

    Quick attacks are your best friend: One trick the game doesn't teach you is that quick attacks are crucial to making the most out of every round. In most damage-focused character's decks, you'll find abilities marked as "quick" that deal low damage but instantly kill grunts without health bars. Every time you use a quick ability to KO an enemy, the card play is refunded, allowing you to continuously use quick attacks as long as you're getting KOs. This limits enemy attacks on your heroes and allows for a lot of hits on bigger foes. Quick attacks also generate Heroism, allowing you to power up your stronger abilities while clearing the field of grunts.

    Follow these tips and tricks to become more efficient on the battlefield and master the art of combat in Marvel Midnight Suns.
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