Midnight Suns Items and Objectives
  • Maximize Damage with Environmental Attacks: Tips and Tricks for Midnight Suns

    When playing Midnight Suns, it's easy to be tempted to use all your built-up heroism on environmental weapons. These weapons allow you to deal extra damage to nearby enemies without reducing the number of card plays you have available. However, using too many environmental attacks can deplete your heroism level quickly, leaving you with weaker attacks. To get the most out of your gameplay, try saving your heroism for high-damage cards that can take out multiple enemies or finish off a tough opponent.

    Utilize Timed Projectiles in Combat: Tips and Tricks for Midnight Suns

    In Midnight Suns, you can turn the tables on enemies who rely heavily on AOE attacks by using their own projectiles against them. Wait for an enemy to throw a grenade, aim a missile strike or sacrifice their ally to create a timed explosion. As soon as you see the red radius indicating the AOE of the move, move your heroes out of the area and use a knockback to push enemies into the circle. When it explodes on the enemy's turn, they'll be stunned and heavily damaged.

    A great way to learn this technique is by fighting Crossbones, Captain America's arch-nemesis. He frequently uses grenades in battle, so evacuate any hero in the blast radius and knock him into the center. When it detonates, he'll be stunned and vulnerable to a barrage of attacks.

    Survive Epic Battles with These Tips and Tricks for Midnight Suns

    In Midnight Suns, items play a crucial role in surviving the game's biggest battles. Be sure to use the Item Bench to create as many items as possible for extra options in a pinch. Items can give you extra moves, inflict status debuffs on enemies, and help you end battles faster and earn more rewards. Keep researching new items in The Forge and bringing them to battle for an added advantage.

    Another key strategy for winning tough battles is to focus on the main objectives. When you find yourself low on health, out of items and struggling to survive, it's usually best to focus on objectives rather than trying to defeat every enemy. For example, if you're fighting story bosses or Nest Mothers, the fight will often end immediately after they're defeated. If defeat seems imminent, focus on the main goal and try to end the fight before it ends you.
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