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  • Boost Friendship XP and Level Up Your Heroes in Midnight Suns: Tips and Tricks

    Discover the morality preferences of each hero in the game 'Midnight Suns' with tips and tricks to boost friendship XP. Learn whether a hero prefers light or dark choices and tailor your conversations accordingly. For example, Magik responds well to honest dark choices, which will result in more friendship XP. To further increase friendship XP, spar with heroes every day in The Yard. This will not only boost battle XP and grant a buff, but also cost a small amount of money. Keep in mind, you can only spar with each hero once every four days. Use these techniques to quickly level up your heroes and strengthen your alliances in the game 'Midnight Suns'."

    Another important factor to consider when trying to boost friendship XP in Midnight Suns is the hero's personality type. Some heroes may be more reserved and prefer a more laid-back approach, while others may be more outgoing and enjoy more energetic interactions. Knowing a hero's personality type can help you tailor your conversations and actions to better align with their preferences.


    participating in missions and events with a specific hero can also increase their friendship XP.

    By working together to complete objectives, you can build a stronger bond and earn more XP. You can also do special missions specifically to build a certain hero's friendship, this will give you a lot of XP in one go and help you level up faster.

    Finally, don't forget to show your appreciation for your heroes by gifting them items and offering them havens. Giving them items they like will increase their happiness and friendship XP.

    Increase your Arcania level and unlock powerful abilities by petting Charlie in 'Midnight Suns'.

    This friendly hellhound can be found in the Abbey and petting her will not only boost your friendship but also your Arcania level. In addition, find and pet Ebony, a small cat located in the grounds, to heal your wounded teammates and save time in the recovery pool. Make time to pet these animals in 'Midnight Suns' and unlock valuable rewards for your team.

    By following these tips and tricks, you can quickly boost friendship XP and level up your heroes in Midnight Suns. Remember to consider a hero's morality preference, personality type, and participate in missions and events with them. Show your appreciation by gifting them items and offering havens, and don't forget to spar with them every day. With these strategies, you can strengthen your alliances and become a powerful team in the game.
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