Marvel's Midnight Suns Iron Man
  • Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, is a powerful character in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

    He is a versatile hero who excels in offense and can upgrade his abilities as the game progresses. Iron Man's abilities include multi-target damage and squad support, allowing him to take down multiple enemies at once. However, he can be a slow starter and requires a bit of setup time before he can unleash his full potential. To play Iron Man effectively, players should focus on building up Heroism using Stark's weaker cards, and match him with a character that generates Heroism quickly. Iron Man's cards include Quick Blast, Blast, Leave it To Me, New Plan, Mark Target, Precision, Surgical Strike and Air Superiority. Each card has its own unique abilities and requires different levels of Heroism to be used.

    Iron Man's unique use of the Redraw system

    allows him to add buffs to his cards when redrawing them, making his abilities even more powerful.
    For example, using the Redraw ability on the card Blast allows Iron Man to add the Forceful buff, increasing the damage dealt to the enemy. Similarly, using Redraw on the card Air Superiority allows Iron Man to add an additional 29 damage to the attack.

    One of Iron Man's best abilities is Surgical Strike, which chains X (one for each Iron Man card in hand) and allows him to deal significant damage to a single target. This ability is especially effective when combined with the Precision buff, which allows the next Iron Man card played to not be discarded, effectively allowing players to chain multiple Surgical Strike abilities together.

    Iron Man's Mark Target ability is another useful tool, allowing him to apply 2 Marked and 2 Vulnerable to an enemy, making them easier to take down. Additionally, Iron Man's Leave it To Me buff allows him to gain 2 Iron Man cards and 2 Redraws, which can be used to further enhance his abilities.

    Overall, Iron Man is a powerful character in Marvel's Midnight Suns that can be a valuable addition to any team. With his versatile abilities and unique use of the Redraw system, Iron Man is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

    Another key aspect to playing Iron Man effectively is to take advantage of his Squad Support ability.

    Iron Man is able to provide support to his teammates by buffing their cards and increasing their damage output. For example, the card New Plan doubles your current heroism, allowing your entire team to access their more powerful abilities more quickly. Similarly, the Precision buff can be used to buff a teammate's card, allowing them to chain together multiple powerful abilities in a row.

    Iron Man's abilities also synergize well with other characters in the game. For example, if you pair him with a character that has the ability to generate heroism quickly, you'll find that Stark's slow start becomes less of an issue. Similarly, if you pair him with a character that has abilities that rely on marked or vulnerable enemies, Iron Man's Mark Target ability can provide a significant boost to your team's damage output.

    It is also important to note that Iron Man's abilities can be upgraded as the game progresses. Players can earn experience points and level up Iron Man, unlocking new abilities and increasing the power of his existing abilities. This allows Iron Man to stay relevant and powerful throughout the game, even as enemies become more difficult to defeat.

    In conclusion, Iron Man is a powerful and versatile character in Marvel's Midnight Suns. He excels in offense, his abilities are upgradeable, he has the ability to support his squad and his unique use of the Redraw system allows him to add buffs to his cards, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. With proper strategy and timing, Iron Man can be a valuable asset to any team in the game.
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