Marvel's Midnight Suns Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man is a powerful hero in Marvel's Midnight Suns, unlocked after defeating Venom for a second time.

    He specializes in offense and knockback, able to take out multiple enemies at once with chain strikes and quick attacks. He is also great at generating Heroism and utilizing environmental weapons. Though his power may be lacking compared to other fighters, his speed more than makes up for it, making him a great backup for a more power-heavy brawler. Spider-Man's cards, such as Infernal Spider, Quick Kick, and Webslinger, offer a range of abilities including buffs, knockbacks, and cost-free environmental attacks. Use Spider-Man's unique abilities to dominate the battlefield and defeat minions in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

    Spider-Man's abilities are well-suited for both solo play and team play.

    His quick attacks and chain strikes make him an excellent choice for taking on hordes of enemies, and his ability to generate Heroism means he can keep the pressure on even when the going gets tough. His environmental attacks, such as Web Throw, can also be a great way to take out multiple enemies at once, and his Opportunist buff allows him to do so without spending any Heroism.

    In addition to his offensive capabilities, Spider-Man also has a range of defensive abilities. His Spider Sense buff allows him to draw extra cards and gain Fast and Resist, which can help him evade enemy attacks and stay alive longer. His Webslinger buff also gives him extra strength, making him more durable in battle.

    Overall, Spider-Man is a versatile and powerful hero in Marvel's Midnight Suns. His speed and ability to take out multiple enemies at once make him a great addition to any team, and his environmental attacks and defensive abilities make him a formidable solo fighter as well. If you're looking for a hero that can adapt to any situation, Spider-Man is the perfect choice.

    Another aspect that makes Spider-Man stand out in Marvel's Midnight Suns is his ability to control the battlefield.

    His Special Delivery card allows him to force enemies away from his team members and towards him, giving him the opportunity to take them out quickly. This can be especially useful when facing a group of enemies, as it allows him to control the flow of battle and keep his team members safe.

    His THWIP! card is another great tool for controlling the battlefield. It allows him to apply bind to an enemy, which prevents them from moving or attacking for a period of time. This can be a great way to take out a powerful enemy or to buy time for your team to recover.

    Finally, his Up Here! card is a great way to weaken enemies and make them easier to take out. It allows him to apply 2 Weak to an enemy, which decreases their damage output and makes them more vulnerable to attacks. This card can be especially useful when facing powerful enemies or bosses.

    Overall, Spider-Man is a great hero to have in Marvel's Midnight Suns. His abilities allow him to control the battlefield, take out multiple enemies at once, and keep his team members safe. With his quick attacks, chain strikes, and environmental attacks, Spider-Man is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
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