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    OUTERPLANE - The Ultimate Role Playing Game for Android and iOS

    Are you ready for an epic adventure in an otherworldly kingdom? Look no further than OUTERPLANE, the latest role playing game available on both Android and iOS. With its early access status, you can be one of the first to experience the fully rendered 3D graphics and dynamic action that sets this game apart from the rest.

    "K" and the automaton "Eva" are summoned to save the kingdom, and it's up to you to guide them on their quest. The game features ravishing 3D artwork that immerses you in the action and makes you feel like you're truly a part of the story. The gameplay is also dynamic and exciting, allowing you to create different compositions and combo attacks to defeat your enemies.

    But OUTERPLANE is more than just action and visuals. The game also challenges your strategic abilities with strategy-based combat, giving you the opportunity to turn the tide of battle with your brilliant moves. The epic stories and colorful cutscenes will keep you engaged and wanting more as you explore the masterpiece of an otherworldly kingdom.

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    And let's not forget about the rampaging bosses. The "Special Request" feature awaits you, giving you the chance to defeat powerful bosses and claim your rewards.

    Don't miss out on this exciting new game. Download OUTERPLANE now on Android or iOS (TestFlight) and join the action. With a size of 3.36 GB, it's a game that requires an internet connection to play. And with support for English language, it's easy for everyone to understand and enjoy.

    OUTERPLANE: The ultimate role playing game for mobile devices. Download now and start your adventure today!

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    As you progress through the game, you'll encounter a variety of different enemies, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. The game's battle system allows you to make use of different characters and their abilities, allowing you to create a team that best suits your playstyle.

    One of the unique features of OUTERPLANE is the ability to craft and upgrade equipment. This allows you to customize your characters and make them even more powerful as you progress through the game. The game also features a variety of different items and materials that you can collect to aid you in your quest.

    OUTERPLANE also offers a diverse range of game modes, from the main questline to side missions, and even PVP battles. In addition, the game features daily and weekly events where players can earn special rewards and compete with other players for the top spot on the leaderboard.

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    "OUTERPLANE" offers a seamless world map where you can build your shelter, fight giant living dead, and battle enemies. The "zoom infinite" function allows you to switch between a perspective of your shelter and the world map. You can explore every river, mountain, and zombie-infested area on the map. There are six unique survivor camps to choose from: Shogunate, Central Coalition, Alliance of Pioneer, Sejong Dynasty, Steel International, and Perseus. Each camp has its own unique architecture and special advantages. Will your camp be the one to secure the final antidote?

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    The game's art and visual design is another standout feature. The fully rendered 3D graphics and vibrant colors make the world of OUTERPLANE come alive. The game's cutscenes and animations are also top-notch, and the character designs are unique and memorable.

    Overall, OUTERPLANE is a game that offers a great balance of action, strategy, and storytelling. With its immersive gameplay, diverse range of game modes, and stunning visuals, it's a game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. So, if you're looking for an exciting new role-playing game to play on your Android or iOS device, be sure to check out OUTERPLANE.

    • OUTERPLANE is a role-playing game available on Android and iOS.

    • The game features fully rendered 3D graphics and dynamic action.

    • The gameplay includes strategy-based combat and the ability to craft and upgrade equipment.

    • OUTERPLANE offers a diverse range of game modes, including PVP battles and daily/weekly events.

    • The game's art and visual design is stunning, with vibrant colors and top-notch cutscenes and animations.

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