tower knights hacking
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    Hacked tower knights android, ios

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    • secrets - UrmVAm;

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    • gem crystal diamands - fqhYfh;

    • offline game - M8da89;

    • upgrade all skills - 8g1iLd;

    • new floor - tYalj7;

    • gold coins- 4CbOIP;

    • unlimited essences - 18A2OY;

    • increase stats - MLkPSX;

    • unlock all heroes - Wul17v;

    tower knights android, ios hack

    The barons are still unaware of our presence. Time to light a fire under their scouts. Don't forget to upgrade your hero's stats! They make a huge difference. Sack traps are great for holding enemies still while you fire from above.
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    Stand still in front of enemies to attack. Enemies drop essence. Use essence to build defenses. Use your powers to deal more damage. Footmen can assist you in battle tower knights, great for holding back large enemies. If you're hurt, move away from enemies and wait to regenerate or hacked cheats. Upgrading magic resistance protects you from mage projectiles. Tower knights floors get more expensive when your tower gets taller. Powerful shock wave that damages and stuns all enemies in its path.

    Hero tower knights: knight- a reluctant hero with a sharp sword. In it for love, and had nothing better to do. The rogue hero has faster hits than other heroes, in it for cash and the love of stabbing. Wizard - a wise and powerful mage with electric balls.

    Upgrade fireball floors to deal more damage to armored enemies.

    how to enter cheats tower knights.

  • how and where enter
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