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    Are you ready for a visually stunning fantasy RPG with real-time strategy? Look no further than Ezetta Prophecy, now available for early access testing and APK download.

    Dark forces threaten the world of Ezetta through cracks in the sky, but with the guidance of the Prophecy of Ezetta, players must master the elements of nature, recruit legendary heroes, and lead their team to explore the continent of Ezetta in order to save the world.

    This game features intense real-time strategy gameplay, where players must make quick decisions during battle that can turn the tide. The power of the 5 elements of nature deeply affect each other, and players must master them and use the weakness mechanism to defeat more powerful enemies.

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    Players can also enjoy a massive PVE story campaign as they explore the continent of Ezettam and fight against various dark forces. Collect powerful heroes from different factions and form the ultimate team to lead on this legendary adventure.

    Customization is key in Ezetta Prophecy, as each hero can master various elements of nature and players can develop them freely with the Talent system and equip them with the most powerful weapon sets to enhance their attributes.

    Players can also join guilds and work with other clan members to fight against mighty demons and win epic loot.

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    Don't miss out on this epic adventure and download Ezetta Prophecy now to become the hero the world needs. With a size of 1.45 GB and the need of an internet connection, players can immerse themselves in this game available in English language.

    Ezetta Prophecy is a game that will test your strategic thinking and your ability to lead a team of powerful heroes in a world in danger. Download it today and save the world from the darkness that threatens it.

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    "Ezetta Prophecy" offers a seamless world map where you can build your shelter, fight giant living dead, and battle enemies. The "zoom infinite" function allows you to switch between a perspective of your shelter and the world map. You can explore every river, mountain, and zombie-infested area on the map. There are six unique survivor camps to choose from: Shogunate, Central Coalition, Alliance of Pioneer, Sejong Dynasty, Steel International, and Perseus. Each camp has its own unique architecture and special advantages. Will your camp be the one to secure the final antidote?

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    • Ezetta Prophecy is a visually stunning fantasy RPG with real-time strategy gameplay.

    • Players must master the elements of nature, recruit legendary heroes, and lead their team to save the world of Ezetta from dark forces.

    • The game features deep tactical play and real-time strategy, where choices can turn the tide of battle.

    • Players can explore a massive PVE story campaign and collect powerful heroes from different factions.

    • Customization is key, as players can develop heroes freely with the Talent system and equip them with powerful weapons.

    • Players can also join guilds and work with other clan members to fight against mighty demons and win epic loot.

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