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    league of magic android, ios hack

    Welcome to the recruit training barracks of the alliance. I am duken, your tutor. During this session, i will be teach you some tips of basic spells. This part is your hand, presenting the cards you have draw. Each card indicates he spells you have learnt.

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    Each time you use one card, your hand will be refilled to five. Once life reaches zero, you will be dead. If you die, you will lose the battle.Without enough mana league of magic, you cannot cast the spell cards. Using cards will cost 100 action points per time. You can speed up during the battle. If you run into any dungeons that you cannot conquer, you may try other activity dungeons or arena for leveling up.

    By consuming the required amount of mana, you can cast the card and cause direct damage to your enemy. Now you know how to use sorceries against your enemy. Next, i am going to teach you how to obtain mana league of magic. When you use the card without enough mana, you cannot cast it. By cycling cards, you will gain mana accordingly.

    Whenever the action points league of magic are not enough, your turn will be end and move on to your enemy's turn. Let's review some important steps of the battle:

    1. Using spell cards will cost 100 action points each time.

    2. If you have enough mana, the spell cards will be cast and launch the attack.

    3. If you don't have enough mana, the spell cards league of magic will be cycled and you will gain mana.

    I am glad that you passed the first session. Now we are moving to the second session. During this one, cheats-on.com teach you how to summon creatures (or hacked cheats) to join the battle. As you can see, creature card frame is different from the sorcery card you used in the last session. Also, creature cards have kind of mark in the center so that you can identify the differences.

    Creature and sorcery cards league of magic both have attack points. The difference between them is that after you cast the creature cards, they enter the Ground. Aside from sorcery cards, all cards be activated only after they enter the ground. Creatures lose 50 points of life regularly when they attack. They fight until their life reaches zero and die. Creatures that pass away will leave the ground and enter the graveyard. The spells you cycled will enter the graveyard as well.

    how to enter cheats league of magic.

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