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    duelist android, ios hack

    This place is Clearigin village, where Deities from various origins gathered here after devil army attacked the Heaven Patio. Erlang lord sent you to here and asked us to take care of yoursevere injuries. He also said that you are the only one who's able to stop the huge disaster, thus we have to protect you no matter what happened.

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    As you haven't recovered from servere injury, your power is far weaker than usual, that's why you're not suitable for intense battle at this moment. You should't take such a huge risk since you are responsible for the destiny of Three Realms.

    Clearigin village game duelist was once a resting place for Deities. It's built on the back of the ancient beast - Ying dragon. The force of Ying dragon, which is gathered in dragon pearl, is to be used for holding up this place out of Three realms.

    Now, the function of blocking all players is getting more advanced. It can even help you to save web traffic. Pet duelist advance pill can be obtained via mission award, each round of Bagua quest rewards, etc. Enter the bamboo grove and hero trial dungeon, stand a chance to get ped advance pill.

    how to enter cheats duelist.

  • how and where enter
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