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  • Secret cheat codes Immortal Awakening:

    Redeem list:
    tzSDms - speed up;
    2lsIz5 - level up;
    qCOErV - unlock new skills;
    bTPRTR - promote;
    8RPF7P - mastery boost;
    kCO7o4 - secret combination;
    l2SCov - daily gift;
    BxvCRl for gems (diamonds);
    pcT5Pc for VIP;
    mu2yiK off ads.

    The world is in turmoil as the Immortal War rages on between the Deities and Demons. The battle has caused destruction and devastation, and the homeland is in ruins. The last hope of humanity rests on the shoulders of the Awakeners. They are the chosen ones, blessed by the Human Last Shelter to save the world from the Grand Collapse. In the game, Immortal Awakening, players take on the role of the Awakeners and embark on a journey of epic battles, legendary loot, and ultimate power.


    Immortal Awakening is a role-playing game (RPG) that is available on Android and iOS platforms. The game is in early access, and players can access the closed beta version (CBT) by downloading the APK. The game is online, and players need an internet connection to play. The game's size is 2.58 GB, which is quite large, and players need to have enough storage space on their device.

    The game's objective is to save the world from the Grand Collapse by slaying the Boss from Nightmare, battling blood enemies in PvP, reaping souls in the battlefield, building a hero with magic, and hunting in the world of doom. The game's storyline is engaging, and players will be drawn into the world of Immortal Awakening. The game's graphics and art design are sensational, and players will be amazed by the detailed and intricate design of the characters, monsters, and environment.

    Slay the Boss from Nightmare

    The game's first objective is to slay the Boss from Nightmare. Players need to complete PVE dungeons to challenge the epic Boss. The PVE dungeons are strategically designed, and players need to use their skills and tactics to overcome the obstacles and defeat the Boss. The Bosses have unique skills set, and players need to learn their patterns and weaknesses to win the battle. The victory rewards players with legendary loot, including the drop of the Legendary Gear Set.

    The game's Boss battles are intense and challenging, and players need to have the courage and skills to emerge victorious. The game's Doomsday is yet to come, and players need to be prepared for the ultimate battle that will determine the fate of the world.

    Blood Enemies in PvP Battle

    The game's second objective is to battle blood enemies in PvP. Players can enter the Ancient Arena to compete in various modes, including 1VS1, 5VS5, GVSG, and more. The winner takes all, and players need to crush their enemies no matter what it takes. The PvP battles are fast-paced, and players need to dodge the incoming attacks, use the skills combo wisely, and unleash their ultimate power to emerge victorious.

    The game's PvP battles are thrilling and competitive, and players need to have the skills and strategy to defeat their opponents. The game's ranking system is based on the player's performance in the PvP battles, and players can climb up the ladder to become the ultimate champion.

    Reap the Souls in Battlefield

    The game's third objective is to reap the souls in the battlefield. Players need to slay the enemy monster in front of them and clear the battlefield to gain honor. The battles are overwhelming, with players facing thousands of monsters at once. Players need to use AOE (Area of Effect) skills combination to defeat the monsters and gain tons of EXP to skyrocket their level.

    The game's battlefield is chaotic and challenging, and players need to have the strength and stamina to survive. The game's rewards include rare items, currency, and honor, which players can use to upgrade their characters and prepare for the ultimate battle.

    If you have an Immortal Awakening cheat codes and want to redeem it, here's what you can do:

    Redeeming Immortal Awakening codes is a breeze! Simply follow these steps:

    Open the game on your device.
    Go to 'Settings'
    Select 'Others'
    Tap on 'Pack Redeeming Code'
    Input a code from the list.
    Hit 'Confirm' and claim your rewards.
    And that's it! Keep in mind that codes are frequently updated, so make sure to check back for new codes to redeem. Enjoy your free loot in Immortal Awakening!

    What Are Codes?

    Immortal Awakening cheat codes are promotional codes that players can enter to receive various in-game rewards such as level up, premium currency, in-game items, and more. These codes are often given out by the game's developers as part of special promotions or events. Players can redeem these codes within the Immortal Awakening game, usually by accessing the "Redeem Code" or "Redeem Gift Code" option in the game's settings or options menu.

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