hero needs a weapon hacking
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    Letter cheats and codes.

    Hacked hero needs a weapon android, ios

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    hero needs a weapon android, ios hack

    Theodore kingdom had achieved many breakthrough advancements in technology with the help of its excellent technicians. Gears were created as an outgrowth of its brilliant technological civilization, and the heroes used them conveniently to defeat the monsters outflowing from the Gate of demonic world.

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    But the small states in the frontiers where such technical blessing didn't reach was suffering from ferocious monsters. The lords of these frontiers decided that they can't take it any more, and thus, formed an alliance together to come up with methods to repel the monsters. The frontier lords alliance "hero needs a weapon" concluded that they needed to produce quality gears by advancing each of their towns to attract heroes to hunt the monsters.

    In this note, king Theodore dispatches highly skilled technicians of the kingdom for the well-being of the towns in the frontier areas.

    Each stage game "hero needs a weapon" has different material rewards, so check rewards and select the stage as you need. You may get only one type among rewards. Basically, battles occur automatically but you get the upper hand only when you start using skills. To use skills, wait until the button below gets activated after the cool time passes and tap it. If you neglect to battle " hero needs a weapon", you will have difficulty making gears. Also you will need stronger heroes to fight against powerful monsters.

    Special gear: only one hero can wear only one special gear.

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