San Andreas straight 2 hacking
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    Hacked San Andreas straight 2 compton android, ios

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    • recovery health - evKDnM;

    • kill one shot - UJMNRN;

    • unlock all weapons - XSkJdl;

    • unlimited ammo - R1P2D8;

    San Andreas straight 2 compton android, ios hack

    Press the target button on either the left or right to draw your weapon, touch to ou can strart missions by traveling to their location, or from the pause menu. Weapons - you can switch weapons by pressing the top right button, this will show the weapon selection menu.
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    You can buy ammo from the weapon dealer San Andreas straight 2 compton, get money from missions, and purchase gold from the shop.

    Player bars - the bars on the top right show your current health, armour and XP. THe XP bar also displays the your current level. YOu will earn XP by completing missions.

    Driving - on your right are the gas and brake pedals. Steer your vehicle using the left and right arrows. Change radio stations using the dial on the center of the screen. To get in or out of the car, use he vehicle enter\ exit button on the left.

    Garage San Andreas straight 2 compton - if you press the house button, you will go to the garage. From there you can buy and customize cars, weapons and clothing.

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