rencounter ancient hacking
  • Cheat, hack: secrets gameplay, million grams of ice, money, replenishes LP, increase attributes (life, endurance, strength, speed). Hacked game rencounter ancient android, ios.

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    Hacked rencounter ancient android, ios

      List of letter codes in the hacking game:
    • bonus - OJGxdF;

    • secrets gameplay - eYPQmo;

    • hack download free (pc, android, ios) - 2HMqIU;

    • offline game - c0nT3o;

    • Money - 1 million grams of ice - zNKTOP;

    • replenishes LP - 7ZlcT2;

    • recovery durability - PBkWKA;

    • increase attributes: life, endurance, strength, speed - evKDnM;

    • unlimited endurance points - UJMNRN;

    • recovery health - XSkJdl;

    • potion HP and mana - R1P2D8;

    rencounter ancient android, ios hack

    Once, the chief desired to obtain the artifact from the ancient temple. So he sent one of his experienced warriors to find it. The task of the chief would most probably mean a certain death, however the warrior was not able to refuse. After a fife-day long journey the warrior met a traveller. And the traveller promised to help in exchange for the ice, which will be found inside of the temple.
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    Character's silhouette in the lower left corner of the screen displays wounds. Wounds have great influence on character's attributes and ahracteristics. Light wounds are shown in red and disappear relatively quickly. Heavy wounds are shown in black and will only dissappear when character fully replenishes his life points.

    To use potion, click on the character rencounter ancient, in the opened menu choose an icon with the surgeon and then pick the desired potion from the list.

    When you don't have enough endurance points or if you want to wait for a better opportunity to attack your enemy, use defense (an icon with a shield). While the character is defending, endurance points rencounter ancient recovers faster and defensive characteristics are higher.

    how to enter cheats rencounter ancient.

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