Obey Me! Nightbringer
  • Secret redeem list:

    March Gift:

    OB3YM3 - demon brothers' favorite snacks
    N1GHTBR1NG3R - special in-game currency
    D3V1LD0M - exclusive demon brothers' outfits
    April Rewards:

    4PR1LR3W4RDS - rare cards and items
    OBEYM3S0C14L - extra social interaction features
    D3V1LS1D3CH4T - secret treasure
    May Gift Passwords:

    M4YDEM0NS - special demon brothers' gifts
    OB3YMYL0V3 - in-game romantic dates with your chosen brother
    5PR1NGS0ULS - exclusive background music for the game
    June Cheats:

    JUN3CH34TS - powerful items and cards
    D3V1LD0MC0D3S - unlock hidden storylines and interactions
    OB3YM3B3T4 - extra battle rewards
    Passcodes for July:

    JULYP4SSW0RDS - exclusive limited-time items
    N1GHT0FTH3D3M0NS - unique in-game event access
    D3V1LC0D35 - unlock special demon brothers' abilities
    Redeem List for August:

    R3D33ML1ST - rare cards and items
    OB3YM3L0R3 - bonus story chapters and interactions
    D3V1LISHR3W4RDS - special rewards for loyal players
    Coupons for September:

    S3PT3MB3RC0UP0NS - discounted in-game items and currency
    OB3YM3F4NS - exclusive fan merchandise
    D3V1LSH0PP1NG - extra shopping options in the game
    Gifts for October:

    OCT0B3RG1FTS - Halloween-themed items and outfits
    OB3YM3TR1CK0RTR3AT - special Halloween event access
    D3V1LPUMPK1NS - unique demon brothers' gifts
    Rewards for December:

    D3C3MB3RR3W4RDS - holiday-themed items and cards
    OB3YM3CH3ER - in-game celebration with the demon brothers
    H0L1D4YG1FTS - special holiday gifts for players
    Happy New Year:

    NY3XCLU51V3 - exclusive New Year's outfits and items
    OB3YM3NYC - in-game New Year's celebration with the demon brothers
    D3V1LS3CR3TS - unlock hidden New Year's storylines and interactions

    If you have an Obey Me! Nightbringer cheat codes and want to redeem it, here's what you can do:

    Redeeming Obey Me! Nightbringer passwords is a breeze! Simply follow these steps:

    Open the game on your device.
    Go to 'Settings'
    Select 'Others'
    Tap on 'Pack Redeeming Code'
    Input a code from the list.
    Hit 'Confirm' cheat and claim your rewards.
    And that's it!

    Keep in mind that codes are frequently updated, so make sure to check back for new cheats to redeem.

    Obey Me! Nightbringer - About game:

    This is an exciting and mysterious role-playing game for Android and iOS that takes you on a thrilling journey into the Devildom. As the latest otome game from Obey Me!, the global sensation with over eight million downloads, you'll enjoy an iseikai with a huge, enthralling world where you make ikemen demons do your bidding.

    In this game, your smartphone turns into a D.D.D. terminal, which acts as a portal to another world. With the introduction of ikemen demons into your life, things just got a whole lot more dramatic and interesting! You'll have meaningful interactions with these seven handsome, but dangerous brothers and live life on the wild side.

    Your choices have a direct impact on how the story plays out. In addition to chatting and making phone calls, you can participate in online meetings and cheer on your favorite characters' videos while strengthening their cards for battle. Your decisions in the Devildom matter, so choose wisely!

    One of the brand new features of the game allows you to take a peek into the daily lives of the demons. By talking to them and giving them presents, you might even see a whole new side to them! You can also comment on your favorite videos and post your love for the ikemen demons, or add an effect to cheer them on.

    In the game, you'll encounter rhythm game quests as you make your way through the episodic stories in the Devildom. Polish your skills and use items and cards found in the Devildom to master the rhythm game! And what's more, all the songs you hear in the rhythm game are sung by the demons themselves.

    The story begins with you waking up to find a world you once knew, but it's a bit different now. The brothers are cold and aloof, and RAD does not exist yet. You find yourself in the Devildom right after the Great Celestial War! Thanks to Solomon, you find yourself masquerading as a demon and as the brand-new attendant to the demon brothers. Can you reform your lost bonds with the brothers and return to the world you once knew?

    Overall, Obey Me! Nightbringer is a thrilling role-playing game that lets you immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Devildom. With its unique features and exciting gameplay, you'll be hooked in no time.

    What Are Codes?

    There are promotional codes that players can enter to receive various in-game rewards such as level up, premium currency, in-game items, and more. These cheats are often given out by the game's developers as part of special promotions or events. Players can redeem these codes within the Obey Me! Nightbringer game, usually by accessing the "Redeem Code" or "Redeem Gift Code" option in the game's settings or options menu.

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