Doraemon Gadget Rush cheats
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    Doraemon Gadget Rush - free: cheats, hack, code ( money, gadgets, characters)

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    Chaining three or more identical orbs gains and accumulates points. Chaining 10 or more orbs gains Red bean Pancakes ( money).

    Obtaining a matching acessory Gashapon can upgrade the skill levels, increase the accessory's skill

    • pHxlxHN2VN - cheats: red bean pancakes (money) ;
    • cRLJWBo6Di - achieving 7 combo chains;
    • REyRafyLsM - +5000 power damage Doraemon Gadget Rush;
    • X98910qZCk - hacks: up level characters
    • w3oQ62gSTV - unlock all characters Doraemon Gadget Rush;

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      • p7rGSrOrtZ - unlock gadgets ;
      • udgNebdFkU - cheats: lucky draw
      • 7pMRkLdOpX - give extra ituns ;

      • IKcvEDQp6F - 100 combo;
      • I3z66OuaWG - time's not up;
      • M3y3o4US0o - +100% score;
      • K0y4sOkEjy - hacks to clear stage
      • AtdsiaPdFy - full team;

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