Revival and Exploration
  • "Revival and Exploration", a simulation and management game that will take you on a journey of building, trading, development, and exploration.

    As you venture into the land of Yu Tian, you'll take on the role of a city lord tasked with rebuilding the city and defending it against the demon tribe invasion. To help you along the way, use this passcode for March Gift: ZXJ8FD - rare resources.

    With a size of 508 MB, the game boasts stunning Eastern classical ink painting style 3D character designs, bringing to life the traditional 2D simulation and management game genre. Your journey begins with exploring maps that feature various terrains, such as deserts, swamps, ice fields, and volcanoes. You'll start from scratch, repairing buildings, restoring trade routes, and venturing out to defeat wild beasts and demons to build the strongest and most prosperous city. As you progress, use this passcode for April Rewards: LKJ2QW - exclusive equipment.

    As the lord, you'll lead residents with different abilities to explore territories, collect resources, build cities, and create a unique paradise. Production and trade, character development, and equipment enhancement allow you to enjoy the fun of building a home from scratch, bringing stability and prosperity to this continent ravaged by demons. One of the unique features of "Revival and Exploration" is the character design based on the Four Occupations - Merchants, who appear in the game as NPC customers. Each customer has a unique background story that unfolds gradually, and as you meet new customers, you'll experience a new story. Building relationships and improving each customer's affinity will help you overcome more challenges. To uncover more secrets, use this passcode for May Gift Passwords: FGH6JK - secret maps.

    But that's not all - as you explore the world of "Revival and Exploration," you'll encounter various obstacles and challenges. Luckily, we've got you covered with our cheat codes for June: ASD9FR - instant building upgrades. These codes will help you breeze through the game and unlock new levels and achievements.

    As a special treat for our players, we're offering passcodes for July: KLO3WE - character upgrades. These passcodes will give you access to premium treasures, unique accessories, and other exciting rewards that will make your gameplay even more thrilling.

    Redeem List for August: PQW1BS - rare currency. Use this passcode to unlock rare in-game currency, which you can use to purchase exclusive items, upgrade your equipment, and build your city even faster.

    Coupons for September: HJK7RE - discounts on purchases. Use this passcode to get discounts on in-game purchases, allowing you to unlock even more rewards and upgrade your character faster.

    Gifts for October: TYU5GL - exclusive costumes. Use this passcode to unlock exclusive costumes for your character, allowing you to stand out in the game and show off your unique style.

    Rewards for December: ZXC4VN - epic battles. Use this passcode to unlock epic battles with new bosses and challenges, which will put your skills to the test and allow you to earn even greater rewards.

    And finally, as we enter the new year, we have a special treat for you! Happy New Year passcode: MNB0VC - ultimate package. Use this passcode to unlock the ultimate package, which includes all the rewards, upgrades, and items you need to take your gameplay to the next level.

    So what are you waiting for? Join us on this exciting adventure of "Revival and Exploration" and claim your gift passcodes today!
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