Rise of Cyber
  • In the world of Cyber Rebellion, the destruction of the real world is imminent as the "α virus" continues to erode our space. The only hope lies in the Skyfall City, the last sanctuary for humankind. As the commander of Skyfall City, you must lead the warriors and inspectors to resist the Invaders and protect our homeland.

    But you cannot do it alone. You must collect the SS Warrior characters, each with their own unique skills and weapons, to build your strongest team. With the original character upgrade system, you can customize each warrior's transformation strategy and create the ultimate squad combination. Use your strategic skills to outsmart your opponents and defeat the villainous Apocalypse.

    To aid in your battle, we have prepared some special gifts for March Gift. Redeem the passcode WQD2CM for a premium treasure that will help you in your fight against the Invaders.

    As you journey through the cyber world, you will face challenging combat modes such as rebuilding the battlefront, raiding supplies, and facing off against the world boss. But fear not, for April Rewards brings a new set of passcodes to aid you in your battles. Enter the code DKL4TS to receive a special booster to power up your warriors.

    As you continue to progress, you will encounter a vibrant gamer community with exciting events to participate in. Meet your friends on the battlefield and compete with inspectors from all over the world. For May Gift Passwords, we have prepared a special treat. Use the code QEP7RT to receive a rare item to help you on your journey.

    But even with all the gifts and rewards, the battles ahead will not be easy. June cheats is here to offer you some extra help. Use the cheat VXM9FN to unlock a powerful weapon that will aid you in your fight against the Invaders.

    As you enter into July, you will face even tougher challenges. But with the Passcodes for July, you will be able to overcome any obstacle. Enter the code RCF5GL to receive a special item that will give you an advantage in battle.

    As the summer months come to a close, we have prepared a Redeem List for August. Use the passcode NQP8JB to unlock a powerful warrior that will join your team and aid you in your quest.

    The battles will only get tougher as the year progresses. But with Coupons for September, you will be able to stay ahead of the game. Use the code LKJ3HX to receive a special discount on a rare item that will give you the edge you need.

    As the year draws to a close, we have prepared some special Gifts for October. Enter the cheat TGB6ZK to receive a powerful artifact that will help you in your battle against the Invaders.

    And for those who continue to fight until the very end, we have prepared Rewards for December. Use the code YHN1DR to unlock a special gift that will aid you in your final battles.

    As the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, we at Cyber Rebellion wish you a Happy New Year. Thank you for joining us on this journey and may the gifts and rewards we have provided aid you in your fight to protect Skyfall City and defeat the Invaders.
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