Black Book RPG
  • March Gift - Unlock the Magic of Black Book RPG

    BVC1HN - premium treasure

    Welcome to the world of Black Book RPG - a fusion of adventure games and card-based RPGs! Immerse yourself in the haunting tale of Vasilisa, a young sorceress who seeks the power of the Black Book, a demonic artifact said to grant any wish to those who uncover all seven of its seals. Join Vasilisa in her quest to uncover the secrets of the Black Book and the dark forces that surround it.

    April Rewards - Master the Art of Sorcery

    • KTU6FS - enchanted spell cards

    • BGE9LM - demonic minions

    • POI7VH - cursed relics

    As you journey across the Slavic countryside with Vasilisa, you will unlock new spells, skills, and demonic minions to aid you in battle. But beware - the demons will torment you if you don't keep them busy! Solve riddles and complete side-quests to uncover the myths and legends of the Northern Slavic world.

    May Gift Passwords - Unleash Hellish Spells on Your Enemies

    Enter these codes in the "password" section of the game to unlock powerful new spells:

    XCV4FG - inferno blast

    POI8JH - shadow step

    KLO2DC - necrotic plague

    Collect these spell cards and add them to your arsenal as you progress through the game. But be careful - your enemies will become stronger, and you will need all the help you can get!

    June Cheats - Solve Riddles and Complete Side-Quests

    Unlock these cheats to aid you on your journey:

    BGT5HN - skip puzzle

    EDC2QW - reveal hidden objects

    NHY9OL - instant travel

    Use these cheats to solve the riddles and complete the side-quests that will reveal the secrets of the Black Book.

    Passcodes for July - Lead a Demonic Flock

    Take control of your demonic minions with these passcodes:

    LOP6YT - demon horde

    VFR4PL - hellfire rain

    ZXC8KJ - infernal pact

    Use these passcodes to lead your minions to victory in battle.

    Redeem List for August - Discover the Folk Tales of Slavic Countryside

    Unlock the secrets of the Northern Slavic world with these redeem codes:

    ASD7FG - Slavic mythology encyclopedia

    DFG9KJ - hidden tales collection

    QWE2PL - expert anthropologists interview

    Explore the in-game encyclopedia and uncover the myths and legends of the Slavic countryside.

    Coupons for September - Uncover the Seals of Black Book

    Unlock the seals of the Black Book with these coupons:

    JHG5BN - first seal

    BGT3CD - second seal

    NHY0PO - third seal

    Collect all seven seals to unlock the power of the Black Book and fulfill Vasilisa's destiny. Use these coupons to aid you in your journey and uncover the dark secrets that lie within the Black Book.

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