Random Upgrade Defense
  • March Gift: Unlock Your Random Upgrade Defense Journey with Passcode BVC1HN - premium treasure

    Welcome to the world of Random Upgrade Defense! In this strategy game, you will need to summon heroes with unique abilities to defend your castle against the oncoming enemies. And as a March gift, we have a special passcode for you: BVC1HN - premium treasure. Use it wisely to unlock premium treasures and enhance your gaming experience.

    April Rewards: Level Up Your Heroes with Passcode DFG8SK - epic upgrade

    In Random Upgrade Defense, you will encounter various slimes and monsters that come in droves. But fear not, for you can collect gold coins and hero cards to level up your heroes and make them stronger. And as an April reward, we have a passcode for you: DFG8SK - epic upgrade. Use it to enhance your heroes' abilities and strengthen their attributes.

    May Gift Passwords: Get Ready for Battle with Passcode KJH3LQ - power boost

    Connecting heroes with the same attributes can increase the power of attributes and help you defeat monsters strategically. And to help you get ready for battle, we have a May gift password for you: KJH3LQ - power boost. Use it to get a power boost and increase the strength of your heroes' attributes.
    June Cheats: Unlock the Secret of Synthesizing Heroes with Passcode FGT9LO - ultimate synthesis
    Strengthening and synthesizing heroes can help you meet more powerful heroes and improve your chances of winning battles. And in June, we have a cheat code for you: FGT9LO - ultimate synthesis. Use it to unlock the secret of synthesizing heroes and take your gameplay to the next level.

    Passcodes for July: Strategize Your Gameplay with Passcode TRS5FP - attribute mastery

    Using the power of attributes strategically according to the characteristics of the monster can be the key to victory. And in July, we have a passcode for you: TRS5FP - attribute mastery. Use it to master the attributes and strategize your gameplay for a higher chance of success.

    Redeem List for August: Get Exclusive Rewards with Passcode ZXC2MN - rare collection

    Collecting battle skins and leveling up your heroes can give you access to more powerful attribute powers. And in August, we have a redeem list for you with exclusive rewards: ZXC2MN - rare collection. Use it to get your hands on some rare and powerful items that will give you an edge in battle.

    • Coupons for September: Save Big with Passcode HJK7BG - discount frenzy

    • Gifts for October: Unlock Special Rewards with Passcode QWE4TY - mystery surprise

    • November Treasures: Discover Hidden Gems with Passcode UIO0PL - secret stash

    • Rewards for December: Celebrate the Holidays with Passcode XDS6RF - festive cheer

    Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy playing Random Upgrade Defense and using these passcodes to enhance your gaming experience. May the new year bring you joy, success, and many victories in battle.
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