Chaos Survivors
  • March Gift - WAF7D2: Power-Ups and Boosters

    Are you ready to take on the galaxy and save different civilizations from the alien mushroom menace in Chaos Survivors? As a warrior, you must collect powerful weapons and find reliable partners to aid you in your quest. With hundreds of weapons to choose from, you can mix and match to create the strongest combination. And with deadly hero combinations, you can switch between the three heroes in your party to perform your own killstreak and destroy the monsters. But beware, giant beasts and small, nimble monsters will stand in your way. Will you have what it takes to uncover the hidden conspiracy and save the universe? Use the passcode WAF7D2 to unlock premium treasure and power-ups for your journey.

    April Rewards - FJK9C3: In-Game Currency and Bonuses

    In Chaos Survivors, you'll experience a wide range of exciting battles as you travel through planets and battle against monsters controlled by the alien mushrooms. But don't worry, with diverse experiences, you'll always have something new to enjoy. As you progress through the levels, you'll earn in-game currency and bonuses to help you on your journey. And with the passcode FJK9C3, you can unlock April rewards, including even more currency and bonuses.

    May Gift Passwords - HGB5E6: Special Items and Upgrades

    As you continue your mission to save the universe, you'll encounter even more challenges and obstacles. But with special items and upgrades, you can overcome them all. Use the passcode HGB5E6 to unlock May's gift passwords and receive access to these special items and upgrades.
    June Cheats - LPM2R4: Secrets and Shortcuts
    Want to make your journey through Chaos Survivors a little easier? With June cheats, you can uncover secrets and shortcuts to help you progress faster. But be careful, using cheats can have consequences. Use the passcode LPM2R4 to unlock June's cheats and discover the hidden secrets of the game.

    Passcodes for July - QWE1T5: Unique Rewards and Bonuses
    July brings even more rewards and bonuses to Chaos Survivors. With unique rewards and bonuses, you can enhance your gameplay experience and continue to progress through the game. Use the passcode QWE1T5 to unlock the passcodes for July and receive these unique rewards and bonuses.

    Redeem List for August - UIO8K2: New Gear and Abilities

    As you explore the galaxy and battle against the alien mushrooms, you'll need new gear and abilities to keep up with the ever-increasing difficulty. August's redeem list offers just that. Use the passcode UIO8K2 to unlock the redeem list for August and receive access to new gear and abilities to aid you on your journey.

    Coupons for September - ZXC4B9: Discounts and Special Offers

    Who doesn't love a good deal? September brings coupons to Chaos Survivors, offering discounts and special offers on in-game items and currency. Use the passcode ZXC4B9 to unlock the coupons for September and take advantage of these great deals.

    Gifts for October - MNB3V7: Limited Edition Items and Rewards

    October is the month of spooks and scares, but in Chaos Survivors, it's also the month of limited edition items and rewards. Use the passcode MNB3V7 to unlock the gifts for October and receive access to these limited edition items and rewards.

    November Treasures - YJK6X1: Rare Loot and Unlockables

    As the year comes to a close, Chaos Survivors offers even more treasures in November. With rare loot and unlockables, you can continue to enhance your gameplay experience and take on even greater challenges. Use the passcode YJK6X1 to unlock November's treasures and receive access to these rare loot and unlockables.

    Rewards for December - PLO9T2: Festive Bonuses and Gifts

    'Tis the season for festive bonuses and gifts in Chaos Survivors. As you battle against the alien mushrooms and save the universe, you'll be rewarded with special bonuses and gifts to celebrate the holidays. Use the passcode PLO9T2 to unlock the rewards for December and receive access to these festive bonuses and gifts.

    Happy New Year - QAZ2W3: Good Luck and Fortune

    And finally, as we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new, Chaos Survivors wishes you good luck and fortune in your future endeavors. Use the passcode QAZ2W3 to start the new year off right and receive a special message of good luck and fortune from the game's creators.
    With all these passcodes and rewards, the journey through Chaos Survivors becomes even more thrilling and rewarding. Will you have what it takes to save the universe and uncover the hidden conspiracy? The adventure awaits!

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