fight team rivals hacking
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    Hacked fight team rivals android, ios

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    fight team rivals android, ios hack

    Hey there boss! I’m glad you made it for the world title fight! Before we talk about starting your own team. Sit back and watch the top fighters showcase thier skills.... Amazing! These guys are incredible! One day you will be back here going for the world title with one of your fighter. But first, you need to build a team....
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    First you need a fighter. YOu haven’t got much of reputation yet, so they are all pretty much rookies. It’s your job to turn them into champions! Take your pick...

    Every FTR series has a number of fight events to take part in. Complete in these and earn stars to unlock the series champion. When your fighter gets KO’d, he’ll need some time to recover before fighting or training. Select him, then let’s speed this up by dropping a diamond. From training you can check out your fighters abilities and manage all of their training. Every fighter can learn up to three disciplines fight team rivals.

    Each fighter has four base stats that cover their fitness and fight ability. Train with your fighters to improve these skills. Each move can be leveld up to make it more effective, Leveling up will also unlock the ability to learn the more impressive stuff.

    how to enter cheats fight team rivals.

  • how and where enter
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