X Heroes: NFT War
  • X Heroes: NFT War is an exciting collectible turn-based strategy RPG game

    that offers a unique and rewarding experience for players. One of the features that make this game stand out is the ability to earn rewards such as MEVerse Play Tokens (MPL) through completing quests and missions. In March, players can enjoy the March Gift by using the code "XHeroesMarchGift" to receive special rewards that will help them on their journey to becoming a powerful hero.

    In April, the game offers the April Rewards, which players can claim by entering the code "XHeroesAprilRewards". These rewards can be used to enhance their heroes' abilities and increase their chances of success in battles. With the help of the April Rewards, players can unlock new heroes and collectibles, making their journey even more exciting.

    As the game progresses, players can enjoy even more exciting events and rewards. In May, players can take advantage of the May Gift Passwords by entering the cheat code "XHeroesMayGiftPassword" to gain access to special items and bonuses. In June, players can unlock powerful cheats by entering the code "XHeroesJuneCheats". These cheats can help players overcome challenging battles and progress faster in the game.

    In July, players can take advantage of the Passcodes for July by using the code "XHeroesJulyPasscodes". These passcodes offer special rewards that can help players build their collection of heroes and NFTs. In August, players can redeem their rewards with the Redeem List for August, which features exclusive items and bonuses that are only available for a limited time.

    In September, players can enjoy Coupons for September, which can be used to purchase in-game items and unlock new features. In October, players can receive Gifts for October by using the code "XHeroesOctoberGifts". These gifts offer unique bonuses and rewards that can help players become even more powerful in the game.

    In November, players can uncover November Treasures by entering the code "XHeroesNovemberTreasures". These treasures offer exclusive items and collectibles that cannot be obtained anywhere else. In December, players can enjoy Rewards for December, which offer even more exciting rewards and bonuses to players.

    Finally, players can ring in the new year with the Happy New Year event, which offers special gifts and rewards to celebrate the start of a new year. With so many exciting events and rewards, X Heroes: NFT War offers an immersive and rewarding experience that players won't want to miss.
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