Journey to the West
  • Journey to the West: Embark on a Legendary Adventure

    Build Your All-Star Squad and Unravel Twisted Fates

    • Category: Card

    • Languages: English

    • Status: Official Launch - Mobile

    • Size: 463 MB

    • Internet: Offline

    • Platform: iOS | Steam

    March Gift: To start your journey, we're giving away a special pack of cards that includes powerful relics and consumables. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your squad and prepare for the battles ahead.

    Experience a Rich, Story-Driven Adventure

    • 20+ recruitable companions

    • 120+ unique NPCs

    • 500+ cards, 300+ relics and consumables

    April Rewards: As you progress through the story, you'll have the chance to earn rare cards and relics that will help you defeat powerful foes. Keep an eye out for these rewards as you explore the realms of divinity.

    Unlock May Gift Passwords

    Enter "MONKEY" and "DRAGON" in the in-game menu to receive exclusive cards and relics that can only be obtained with these passwords.

    June Cheats: If you're looking for an edge in battle, try using the "HUNGER" cheat to gain extra hunger points or the "TRANSFORM" cheat to unlock the Swine King's monster form.

    Passcodes for July: To unlock special rewards, enter the passcodes "WUKONG", "HOLYMONK", "WHITEDRAGON", "SWINEKING", or "FAITHFULDEVIL" in the in-game menu. These passcodes will give you access to rare cards and relics that will help you on your journey.

    Redeem List for August: Stay tuned for our August redemption event, where you'll have the chance to exchange in-game currency for exclusive cards and relics.

    Coupons for September: As a loyal player, we're offering you exclusive discounts on in-game purchases this September. Use the coupons "WESTJOURNEY" or "LEGENDARY" to save big on your next purchase.

    Gifts for October: To celebrate the spooky season, we're giving away a special Halloween-themed pack of cards and relics. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer!

    November Treasures: As you explore the final chapters of your journey, keep an eye out for rare treasures that will aid you in battle. These treasures can only be found in certain locations, so make sure to explore every nook and cranny.

    Rewards for December: In the spirit of the holidays, we're giving away a special pack of cards and relics that includes exclusive holiday-themed items. Don't miss out on this chance to add some festive flair to your deck!

    Happy New Year: To ring in the new year, we're offering a special promotion that will give you extra in-game currency for every purchase. Start the new year off right with a boost to your squad's strength.
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