monster truck racing hacking
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    Hacked monster truck racing android, ios

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    monster truck racing android, ios hack

    Monster Rod - good for early desert runs - can climb over cars and obstacles better than the Micro. Open classic - fast top speed if you can control that nose dive. Really fast in the City once you get to grips with it. Big Rig - good in the snow and able to smash down drawbridges if you’re going fast enough.

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    APC - good on long desert runs and some snow levels. Tank - good grip up steep hillls, stable and good at smashing down obstacles.

    Upgrade speed monster truck racing (mmx hill climb)- increase acceleration and max speed. Useful for climbing steep hills, clearing jumps and owning the leaderboard. Grip - power without grip will get you nowhere. Make the most of your powerful engine by increasing traction. Stability - stay on 4 wheels longer by lowering the center of gravity. Stops you flipping like a beached salmon. Tilt- increases the rate at which you can rotate in the air. Just don’t ask us how!

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