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  • Free 1942 Pacific Front hacks, cheats, code on units, gold, abilities, visible all map. Letter free cheats on game 1942 Pacific Front 2015.

    1942 Pacific Front - free: cheats, hack, code ( units, gold, abilities)

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    • pHxlxHN2VN - cheats increase attack range;
    • cRLJWBo6Di - 10000 gold
    • REyRafyLsM - give double action points;
    • X98910qZCk - hacks give more the tiles highlighted in green indicate where you can move to;
    • w3oQ62gSTV - all units visible on the map;

      cheats, hacks for 1942 Pacific Front

      • p7rGSrOrtZ - level up ;
      • udgNebdFkU - cheats: give 10 medium tanks
      • 7pMRkLdOpX - 10 light tanks in 1942 Pacific Front ;

      • IKcvEDQp6F - get a defensive bonus;
      • I3z66OuaWG - use "instant resupply" to resupply a unit anytime and anywhere;
      • M3y3o4US0o - the "camouflage" ability for all units;
      • K0y4sOkEjy - hacks give 10 airplanes in 1942 Pacific Front. Airplanes can only be attacked by the air defense, ships, and figters, but they can only be in the air for a limited number of turns ;
      • AtdsiaPdFy - capture all buildings;
      • 7pMrGdXnRx - 10 antitank squards;
      • srwVNETmMK - cheats 1942 Pacific Front: 10 supply truck. Supply truck are very mobile and can give your ubits health and ammunition. But it's easy to destroy them;
      • 6KfWkJ3BQZ - indestructible ability;
      • wa8kHRMnHC - full health units;
      • JFkZlcsq66 - hacks 1942 Pacific Front: 10 mortal squard. The mortal squard has an area of effect attack that will hit the targeted tile and all the ones surrounding it;
      • 05Iym2InB4 - 10 transporter. Transporter have a very wide range of movement and can carry infantry quickly from one point to another;
      • GzkVjynlz5 - cheats 1942 Pacific Front : 10 engineer. The engineer is a support unit with a number of handy abilities! One of them is setting up mines. The engineer cannot launch an attack, but with th " build MG nest' ability, he can become a force to be reckoned with.;
      • lWK6I8veui - setting up mines at the selected tiles. The mine is invisible for enemy and will automaticaly explode it an enemy unit moves onto the tile! If you move into unknown terrain, always keep an engineer close to search fo enemy mines.;
      • ASwrRjEWRX - visibly enemy mines;
      • g61gX7wyXB - hacks 1942 Pacific Front: activate the "defuse mine" ability and remove all the mine in a map;
      • ZN0QhuOwUd - build MG nest. The MG nest is camouflaged and will automatically open fire against an attacking enemy in range once per turn;
      • FG6SJIcSfc - airplanes be in the air for a unlimited number of turns;
      • YKwMbTakKM - cheats 1942 Pacific Front: 10 bombers. Bombers are deadly against anything below them, but they have low ammunition and attack range;
      • V1vKfgGMPv - slow enemy unit movement;
      • P4dwrvCZdm - hacks 1942 Pacific Front: 10 battleships. Battleships and destroyers have multiple weapons aboard. They will be chosen automatically depending on the type of enemy you attack. The anti-aircraft guns have a shoter range than the big cannons.;
      • C7m457Bmc2 - 10 destroyers. Battleships and destroyers have the "sonar" ability to search a big area around them for enemy ships and submarines;
      • c2KBONAiE8 - cheats: search all enemy ships and submarines;
      • ut5frBnE1j - 10 submarines. Submarines are safe from most attacks and very hard to detect. Other submarines and sonar are the only things that can reveal them. You can avoid the sonar by activating the " silent run" ability. Your submarine will be highlighted in red if the enemy can see it.;
      • UWYx1mAkN9 - using water bombs;
      • xmcz2IGj5n - 10 aircrafts. The aircraft carrier is a movable base and the most valuable unit you have! You can transport multiple planes inside of it.;

      Cheats, hacks on game 1942 Pacific Front free and only letter code. Only enter cheats
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