heroes quest hacking
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    Hacked heroes quest android, ios

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    heroes quest android, ios hack

    Abyss gate was distroyed from interior, the darkness gone with it. Through the heroes left us, the fearless epic will be celebrated eternity.

    10 years after Abyss gate was destroied. The sign of evil energy is breaking the sky, darkness befall again. High priest Andteas witnessed the mutation of Abyss gate, darkness minions started attack. Warriors visiting Abbey rushing back. The battle between justice and evil will begin.
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    When a hero’s skill ready, his icon will flash. Casting skills consumes energy. Remember, rational allocation is the key to success! Always have your expedition teams on mission heroes quest. Runes make heroes more powerful. Red dot indicates that upgrades are available. When the cursor is at the perfect area, tap to get the best reward. Free treat in traven every 48 hours. Failing to plunder other player’s expedition team cost you nothing.

    After collecting all keys, you can step on the exit to end exploration. You can level up your heroes and upgrade their skills, to enhance their strength in battle. With the promotion heroes quest, new skills are unlocked, and the hero appared to be more powerful.

    how to enter cheats heroes quest.

  • how and where enter
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