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    - William. Wolf William fought and led more than 100 batles. He specializes in combat and attacks rapidly.
    - Eva. Fox Eva is a cold-bloded killer. She has long attack range and can be stationed at the rear.
    - Johnny. Bear Johnny is a tough warrior. He specializes in defense and should be stationed at the from line.

    • pHxlxHN2VN - cheats open all heroes Clash of Toys;
    • cRLJWBo6Di - increase attack range all units;
    • wBFROWQ9hu - +5000 power damage;
    • X98910qZCk - hacks: 1000 rifle;
    • w3oQ62gSTV - 10000 coins;

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      • p7rGSrOrtZ - level up champions ;
      • udgNebdFkU - cheats: 100000 gold;
      • 7pMRkLdOpX - speed up to quickly complete building ;

      • IKcvEDQp6F - 100 hourglass;
      • 3s3xxskvGI - one thousand gems ;
      • M3y3o4US0o - 1000 exp;
      • K0y4sOkEjy - hacks Clash of Toys: 999 rifleman. The rifleman can deal extra damage to medium-armored unit;
      • AtdsiaPdFy - increase the population limit + 1000;
      • 7pMrGdXnRx - increase wall's HP Clash of Toys;
      • srwVNETmMK - get more firepower;
      • 6KfWkJ3BQZ - cheats Clash of Toys: 999 grenadiers. The grenadier's attack range is 2 squares. The grenadier deals bomb damage, it causes extra damage to light-armored units.;
      • wa8kHRMnHC - unlock all equipmets for herou;
      • JFkZlcsq66 - give VIP5;
      • 05Iym2InB4 - 999 bullion;
      • GzkVjynlz5 - hacks Clash of Toys: 999 machine gunners. The machine gunner has an attack range of four squares, allowing them to attack effectively from behind their allies. The machine gunner deals normal damage. It hits 3 enemyes at the same time, and deals more damage to medium - armored units.
      • lWK6I8veui - upgrade all buildings;
      • ASwrRjEWRX - lewel reward;

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